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Just wanted to send you an update on a kitten we adopted from you back in January. You knew him as Finch, but we renamed him Mekel, after one of our niece's favorite basketball players.

Mekel has adjusted well and has quickly become a big part of our family. He has so much personality he is fun just to watch! He is still shy with strangers but gets more and more comfortable with us every day, especially around feeding time. He LOVES playing on his cat condo and is always up for a chasing toy of some kind. His high energy level annoys our older cats at times which causes the occasional hiss and groan but they, too seem to be accepting of him more and more. He is very interested in birds and squirrels in the outside world so we think he will really enjoy when it's warm enough to have our doors and windows open.

He has grown very fast and has very long legs and tail for his age. Both the wellness check and a follow up with our own vet showed he was in good health. He gave up on kitten food right away, preferring the wet and dry food we give our older cats so we didn't try to fight it.

Thanks so much for all the assistance and advice you gave us during the adoption process. If you ever get updates on his brothers/sisters from his litter we would be interested to see how they are doing too.
We wanted to give you an update on Carmel Corn and Cracker Jack now known as Carter and Oliver. 

The brothers are an absolute delight, they have added so much love and joy to our home--they really were a perfect match for us. I've attached photos--probably an excessive amount, but compared to the thousands of photos we've taken in the 2 months we've had them I feel like I did a pretty good job narrowing down the selection. 

The boys enjoy play fighting/pouncing/chasing--especially after eating.
They love to snuggle-with each other and us. Carter prefers to be as close to our face & necks as possible when he sleeps and Oliver prefers our chests and legs. 
They love to climb and each day conquer new heights.
They love to eat, although Oliver tries to protest dry food dinners as he much prefers the wet food he gets as a morning treat. 

Overall their interests align with ours: Hockey, Apple-Mac products, food, & sleep :)

Their unique fur markings and personalities have shown us how individual they are. Carter has more white fur-especially on his feet (it looks like he is wearing knee high socks) and Oliver has striking orange markings. Carter is very vocal, confident, and extremely affectionate. Oliver is more reserved as if he were still figuring out how to enter into social situations, but he too is quite affectionate (it just has to be on his own terms). 

Thank you for these gifts we are so happy we adopted from Heartland!

-Best, Gretchen & Anthony

Hello Heartland!
We wanted to give you an update Buddy (formerly known as Ralphie). 

We adopted Buddy back in February and he has been a wonderful addition to our family! He loves his new sister Nala! They love running around the yard and getting into a little trouble together! He has the sweetest personality! We just loving having him as part of our family!

Thank you for allowing us to have him as a special part of our family!

The Erickson family

Hi Heartland! My husband and I adopted Leo (previously known as Buttler) at the 
end of December. We just wanted to share with you that he is doing GREAT and 
recently graduated from obedience school. Thank you so much, we are so lucky to 
have him!!   :-)

This is Simba and Nala (formerly Mikee and Malory). They are SO loved and so spoiled. 
They get into anything and everything. They are the best of friends and do 
everything together. They are so full of love. They also sleep in the bed with us every 
night. Thank you Heartland for everything, These two bring so much joy to our lives!! 
Amanda & Joe

Hello Heartland!
We adopted Rigby( formerly Olympic) back in 
February. He is now 5 months old and the light 
of our lives. He loves Mr squeakers and sleeps 
with him nightly (attached photo). He loves 
laying in the yard and taking naps in the sun. 
He gives great kisses, loves our daughter and is 
a great cuddler. He is crazy for treats and 
potty training was easy and fast for him.We are 
are so blessed he came into our lives and happy 
he is apart of our family!

Thank you!!! 
The OBrien Family

This is Moxxie, now just over one year-old. Moxxie is our "princess"--high 
maintenance and extremely intelligent but also quite adorable and 
affectionate. Moxxie likes to communicate with many kinds of meows to 
get our attention, then leads us to what SHE wants to do. For example, 
Moxxie has favorite green or blue toys that she likes to carry around and 
present when she wants to play. When she doesn't want her sister, 
Cinnabon, to get at the toys, Moxxie will purposely hide them under our 
stove then guide one of us to retrieve the toy(s). Like Cinnabon, Moxxie 
has been enjoying the recent Spring weather by sitting behind our front 
glass storm door and watching all the outdoor critters frolic--chipmunks, 
squirrels and field mice skitter across our porch due to a nearby bird 
feeder  that spills out free snacks!


This is Cinnabon, Moxxie's sister. Very different in personality and physical abilities, Cinnabon is our "Tom Boy" to Moxxie's princess personality. Cinnabon would likely be a capable outdoor/hunter cat, but we're not giving her the chance to find out! Cinnabon was adopted with Moxxie, and the pair of them have been quite entertaining and lovable. Cinnabon is just like the little kid who doesn't want to come inside from playing, seemingly saying that she's not tired even though she seems to get punch-drunk when she's indeed quite tired. Cinnabon is very cuddly when sleeping at night as she'll snuggle in between arm and body so she can curl up and be "babied". Cinnabon is most expressive about wanting the front door open, even in the Winter (our rule is 40 degrees or above temp). She meows a kind of pleading meow and stretches her lanky body upward next to the front door or sometimes reaching for the doorknob. If it's too cold and we can't open the door, watch out! Cinnabon lets her displeasure known but soon calms down and finds ways to keep herself occupied.

My decision to adopt a dog was encouraged by my girlfriend. In September 2013 I visited and 
chose Russ, Jack Russell Terrier. After learning of his 3 mo shelter life and food and toy 
issues, I proceeded with his adoption. Even knowing of his biting of two volunteers at the 
shelter didn't sway me. As inexperienced as I was, I felt this was the dog to choose. 

Since then, Russ has settled in and we have bonded. He is very close with my girlfriend as 
well as others. Still mindful of his aggressions, he has become a friendly companion to us as 
well as extended family. He is also friends with another dog he visits  overnight. 

If I had to choose again, Russ would be my choice over and over. Whatever apprehension we
 had at the time, we have worked through it. He is so connected to our voices, commands 
and personalities. He is in a good, loving and safe home.  

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to bring Russ home. He and us are very happy. 

Best Regards,

We adopted Lucy Loo (we call her LuLu) just 7 short weeks ago and couldn't 
be more happy if we tried!  It literally took less that 2 hours for this extreme 
snuggly bunny to cozy up to her new mom and dad, which is why we 
thought this picture couldn't be more fitting! 

She is overcome with joy every day and we want to say how thankful we 
are for Heartland's hospitality of her for the 8 months she was with you. 

We go for long runs on the lake, play fetch with ALL day with her squeaky 
carrot, and enjoy doggy classes to help her learn how to better socialize 
with other puppies. She is making tremendous strides!   

We didn't know this kind of unconditional love existed before we met LuLu, but wouldn't trade it for the world! :)

Rachel & Mark

BooBoo is doing very well!  Here is a photo of Boo and Boo's girlfriend Jazz. They are really terrific together. Jazz is also adapted from a horse stable up in Gurnee. My husband and I are lucky people.

This video shows Boo Boo at his best.  He loves to fetch and then makes you chase him too.

Little over a year since I adopted my best friend. Thank you to everyone who works and helps there, the animals we love are grateful for your time and compassion. 

Thanks again, 

Almost exactly 3 years ago, my family adopted two adorable little kittens from your shelter (Pewter and Fluffy). Now 3 years later, they are just as close as just as lovable as the day we brought them home. I wanted to let you know how much your shelter changed our lives. 

The year we adopted Felix and Oscar (their new names), we had just lost our 17 year old Siamese and our 4 year old orange tabby. Having the two new boys running through the house, playing, and being so cuddly brought life back into our world. It was exactly what we needed to get past the hard times. So grateful that we found them and that you guys helped bring them into our lives!

Thank you so much! 

Then                                                                                Now
Tyrion (formerly Nubbs) is our little angel, I don't know what we would do without him! Thank you for bringing us together!

Dear Jenny, Ruby and All,
All is well with Morton and Lola – we have had no problems with either of them and 
they seem very happy. It cheered them up immensely when we took them out in the 
garden with PetSafe harness and leash – now they are purring all the time. They are 
really good outside – Lola stays close to us all the time while Morton has his favorite 
places to go and watch chipmunks darting about. Neither of them complain when we 
bring them in and quite often they decide to come in themselves. 

Our vet prescribed “Revolution” (selmectin) for flea + worm + mite control, because 
they are FIV positive. I administer it once a month – Morton gets a bigger dose than 
Lola because of his weight. It seems fine and no sign of fleas or any other problem - 
neither of them has had so much as a runny nose since they came here last August.

Morton watches his weight to make sure that it stays in the 19lb range while we still 
try to get it below that – since going outside and running around 
more he has gone down a bit. At one point we think that he hit 
20lbs – The Great Mortato!

They both are lovely cats and are friendly to all our visitors. 

Best wishes and love from
Crispin, Cecile, Lola and Morton!

Just wanted to say thank you for Flynn. He has settled in so perfectly and is such a great addition to our family. Even our cats agree!! Here they all are seeing the kids off to school. 

Thanks again!
The McKittrick Family
Hi it's Marni- Arnold, aka "Arnie" has settled wonderfully into our home and hearts. He's truly has been an amazing addition to our family. Arnold loves playing fetch with his blue toy, taking walks and going with to pick up his "non-furry" brother from school. He loves to cuddle up with us & watch Animal Planet too. We can always count on Arnold to welcome us with kisses and hugs. He definitely has made our family feel complete!  
Thank you!!

We adopted Robbin in December. I just wanted to let you know she's doing great. She took charge of our other two dogs with her outgoing personality. In fact, she was able to get Barbie out from hiding under the bed all the time. (Barbie was a puppy mill rescue.) Robbin and Barbie play all the time now. I never thought I would ever see Barbie playing. My boyfriend adores Robbin. Even when she sticks her tongue in his mouth while he's sleeping. She loves to sleep in bed with us.

Thank you so much for rescuing her so we could adopt her. We love her and she's apart of our family.

Today we celebrate Ollie's 9th birthday. 2005 was a VERY special year!  Ollie 
was one of the 79 chihuahuas rescued from the puppy mill in Wheeling, 2005. 
We have been blessed with his antics daily. Last year, one week before his 
eighth birthday, he lost all sight due to SARDS.  We have adjusted to living 
with a blind dog, and he has learned a new level of trust.  

We thank Heartland Animal Shelter, once again, for trusting us with his 

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Dillinger is doing amazingly! He gets spoiled with treats, lots of walks, a huge yard to run in, and all the love in the world. He is an amazing family member. He is one of the best decisions we ever made! We even give him doggie ice cream. He loves that stuff!
Good afternoon.  I adopted Spunkee two years ago this coming August.  Last Fall he was 
diagnosed with melanoma.  (A ball of cells was hanging from his right ear by a very thin strand 
of tissue).  My wonderful vet, Dr. Karen Bannow,  clipped it off of the ear and was able to get 
clean margins.  However, it was determined that the tumor had a 42% chance of recurring, most 
likely in the lymph nodes or lungs.  Melanoma rarely occurs in cats, so there was really no data to 
examine which might be helpful.  

In consultation with Dr. Bannow, I decided to take Spunkee to see an oncologist.  There is a 
melanoma vaccine for dogs which can be adapted for cats.  The protocol is to administer four 
doses of vaccine, each two weeks apart, and then one dose every six months thereafter.  
Spunkee received the four doses of vaccine.  Afterward, I spoke with my vet.  It has been her 
experience that if the tumor recurs, it would most likely do so in the first year.  So I decided to 
give Spunkee one more injection in September - that way the injections would cover the entire 
first year.   After that, we will hope for the best.  Given the expense of the melanoma vaccine 
injections, this seemed to be the best way to move forward. 
Meanwhile, Spunkee is doing very well.  He seems to be a very healthy Tuxedo cat.  He runs around like he is a kitten, knocking things over as he goes.  He is beautiful, and he knows it.  He is very affectionate and loves to give me kisses while we are sitting on the couch watching TV.  He especially enjoys sitting on the screened porch and watching the birds and animals outside.  Sometimes he bites, but I don't think he realizes that it is painful.  Spunkee is a bundle of energy.  He has certanly found a place in my heart. 
Spunkee's Mom 

Muppet ( you called him Tyger) just celebrated being with me for a year.
Here he is in his favorite spot at the patio door keeping watch on the 
backyard.  He seems to be very happy and loves his many, many beds, 
all the sun, and pushing himself across carpeted floors with his front 
I have to admit he wasn't the easy-going cat he seemed to be when I 
adopted him.  A neighbor's cat hung around my yard and Muppet went 
absolutely crazy when he saw it.  He would attack me and that was 
scary since he has claws.  I guess it is called "indirect aggression".  I was 
a little afraid of him and  tried all kinds of ways to keep any cat out of 
the yard and nothing worked. I finally found "Shake Away for Cats"  
which I now buy three jugs at a time!! It's odd because he was with  
other cats at the shelter-maybe he thought the ones in the yard were a 
Poor Muppet had been abandoned twice and doesn't seem to know that boxes, bags, and other toys are fun.  It's taken all year to get him used to how nice brushing is, but he only allows it on his back and neck-I'm still working on the rest of his long, long fur. He does love his scratching post so at least somebody trained him well on that.  He loves his nutritious dry food, but not canned food.  He yells for it, takes a few bites, and then leaves the rest. Picky, picky. I've tried just about every brand there is.
He's a happy cat and thinks he owns the place, so all is good!  Thanks for saving him.  
Evie Pairitz and Muppet

Hi to all at Heartland,

Do you guys remember Finny (now  Phinnie)?  I adopted him in January 
of 2013, a year and a half ago. You might remember him because he was 
with you guys for a full year. 

He is doing great in his nice, big home with lots and lots of windows so 
he can see all the birds outside. He loves to play and also sit next to his 
mommy on the couch.   He is such a funny and photogenic little guy 
that I was able to make a calendar of his best photos at Christmastime. 
My parents have it up in their den and love looking at Phinnie's picture 
every day.

Thanks for taking care of him until I could find him!

All the best,
Renée & Phinnie

Just wanted to share a couple of cute photos of Mia and Sasha.  Also, 
here is a hilarious video of Sasha :) 

They are the best of friends and play wrestle all the time. The life of a 
loved dog :) <3 

They both are like celebrities at the doggie day care and they know 
which people to expect a treat from when they walk in....

Many thanks,
Billy, Laura, Mia, & Sasha 

Watch this hilarious video of Sasha:

Dear Jenny, Ruby, Lou and All,
Well Morton has survived his first year in Winnetka and Lola is coming up for hers on September 17. We will be away just before that so I thought it would be good to send you this greeting ahead of time.

As you can see from the photos, Lola and Morton are both doing well and seem very happy. Lola still talks all the time – mostly saying “play with me, play with me!” She races around and eats most daintily while Morton thunders around occasionally and eats like a horse. Currently their favorite toy is a thin piece of yellow string with a tiny knot on the end. Nothing else comes close! They love going out in the garden and both are very good with us out there. Quite often they will come in of their own accord and they don’t complain when we shut the doors for the day. The harnesses work fine and I fitted them with tags and bells to alert the wildlife, of which we have lots.

So all-in-all everything is going very well and neither cat has had any health problems at all during this first year.

Lots of love from Crispin, Cecile, Lola and Morton

Kaytee (now known as Pippa)  is doing 
great! You may remember her as one of 
the adorable pups from Love Bug's litter. 
Attached are a few recent pictures of her. 
She is as sweet as can be, and I am so 
grateful I was chosen to adopt her!

Thanks for all you do,

We adopted our cat, Elisabeth, from your shelter 
this past January and I have been meaning to send 
this off to you for a while…
We wanted both to thank you and to let you know 
that Elisabeth (Ellie) is doing wonderfully.  I could 
give you all of the details of our search, but let’s 
just say she is perfect for our house!  We took our 
time at your shelter – and we had been to at least 3 
other shelters over the past several weeks.  We had
lost one of our precious cats a little while before 
this, so we were sensitive to how our son would 
react and to how the other furry family members 
would react (dogs and cat).  We sat with all of the cats for hours, literally… debated back and forth, dog tested a number of the wonderful kitties there. (Always so hard to choose… if only they could all have a loving home…)  Near the end of  long day we saw Elisabeth… and in the end, and after a second trip, we got the seal of approval from my son, and decided to take her home.
We were all so excited!! And to our great surprise when we introduced her to the dogs, she walked right up and rubbed her face on them!  This was just the beginning.  She is so amazing.  She has bonded with our younger dog (Hope) and they are super cute and funny together.  We had hoped they would “get along”, but we got so much more than that.  Our older dog has since passed away and our other cat is very old too.  Someday soon it will be just Eliie and Hope.  I couldn’t have wished for anything more – they love each other and will be wonderful companions to each other for a long time.  In addition to that, with the exception of a very nice leather chaise lounge (a one time event), Miss Ellie almost never uses her claws for destruction or to harm any member of the family, just to claw at her cool scratching lounger and chase wild bits of paper or toys.  She is kind and gentle, and only occasionally needs to be reminded that the dining room chairs are not for scratching.  I am amazed.  In my experiences with other cats, I have never seen one so gentle with their claws…
She is such a wonderful addition to our family.  We are very thankful for what you do and the opportunity to have her in our lives.
Kimberly, Aiden, Pat, Hope, Nino, and of course Miss Ellie

Here are some photos of Molly frm the day we picker up before her haircut to today at the park. She loves being with us. We walk to school everyday and also walk to pick up from school. She runs with me and loved going on road trips this summer. She is almost 100% potty trained with 2 accidents since July. She is in the crate when we are gone but mostly she has an active fun life!

Thank you Heartland!!

Just wanted to share some photos of Spatzer in his forever home.  He is doing very well and we'll be celebrating his 4th birthday on Sunday!

Dezi has become quite the playful pal, she loves playing fetch and running around in the 
back yard. She is such a loving companion!  

I adopted a 2 year cat from Heartland in 2007, his name was Munchkin (renamed Fafnir).  He had been at your shelter for all but the first 8 weeks of his life.  Sadly, he passed away a couple of weeks ago, either a pulmonary embolism or anaphylactic shock.  I am heartbroken and miss my squirrely guy.  But, he was loved and allowed to be who he was. RIP sweetie!

Hello Heartland Animal Shelter,
We want to thank you all for the work you do.  We had a great experience adopting from 
you.  Special thanks to Christie, who gave up much of her time when Rufus was a very sick 

Rufus was adopted him on June 15, of this year.  He is doing wonderful, couldn't ask for a 
better 1st time dog for this family.

Rufus loves other dogs, wants to chase everything else that moves, unfortunately this 
means skunks.  He has been skunked twice (you think he would have learned the first time) 
and now has to be on a leash in his own yard once the sun goes down.  

He is very loyal to us and just wants to be in our presence "all" the time.  Which means car 
rides when ever possible.

Just a few shots of our boy below, thanks again!
The Paters and Rufinious Noch Pater

Update on Howie(kept the name): I adopted Howie back in the spring and I have had so much fun with this guy. He has quite the goofy personality. Howie is now 15.5lbs and turns 12 months on Oct 13! He enjoys visits to his grandmother's house to see his cat friend Lucy. His favorite toy is his tunnel. Howie can often be found stretched out sleeping on his back and he definitely knows how to take over half the bed. 

Enjoy the photos! Thanks Heartland!

Hi all, 
Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to adopt LuLu (known as Petra while at Heartland)! This little dog has brought an incredible amount of joy to my life and I am so entertained by her level of energy! She is just PERFECT for my lifestyle! The little stinker even outruns me on our 3.5 mile runs in the forest! LOVE HER!!!!!!!! Not a day goes by where she doesn't just crack me up with her antics lol! My favorite part is when she snuggles up next to me in bed at night and doesn't move :-) 

Molly and "Lulu" 

Hey friends!!! We adopted Franklin in September of last year and obviously adore our hound dog.  I know he had a rough start with you all, but wanted you to see some pictures of him this past year being happy, healthy, and hilarious! Hope you love them :) 

In these photos he has put himself in the blankets like a person, decided that it was time for cuddles and not magazines, made himself a pillow and blanket fort, loved his new giant rope, and sat on the back of the couch soaking up some warm rays. - as I send this we are snuggled on the couch and giving the loud garbage truck the stank eye. 

Thanks so much for helping him find us and making our family extra special!

In February, we adopted Louise and just love her! We have renamed her Phoebe and she is such a precious member of our family.  Phoebe is loving her new home and forever family in Chicago. She warmed up to us right away and is always ready to greet us with a smile and a handshake when we come home from work-as long as she gets a belly rub after! She loves her morning walk on the beach, and is making many (human) friends in the neighborhood. She's sweet, smart and the perfect companion for us. Her favorite game is playing "catch"-as long as what she's catching is a treat! Thank you so much to the hardworking folks at Heartland who cared so well for her while she was there. We are so happy that she waited for us to find her forever home!  
Hi, Everybody!  I'm Buffy. Today, my Mom and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary together.

I am still as loving, playful and silly as I have always been.

My doctor has me eating “Fat Cat.” I tried to tell her that I’m not fat; I just have long fur. Sometimes, Momma calls me “Chunky Tuna.”

I am having such a happy life and I wish the same for all of you.

I have enclosed some recent pictures of my gorgeous self.

Love always,

This is a short note to let you know that Brianna is doing great.  I'm so lucky to have her.  She was fully housebroken, does not jump on people or furniture and does not destroy things.  She just loves to play.  Absolutely adorable and I'm fully in love with her.  Here are a couple of pictures.  Please pass along my thanks to all the staff that helped me.


Hello!  We adopted 2 little girls over a year ago;  they are sisters and a bonded pair.  Not much has changed, they are still the best of friends!  They were formerly Cher and Cheyenne; they are now Apple and Pumpkin.

First day we met them at Heartland:                                              Shortly after coming home:


They love to play together, cuddle with each other and us!  So glad we met them and hoping to be in within a few months to adopt a puppy!

Have a nice holiday!

Hello Heartland Animal Shelter,

May 03, 2014 my husband and I adopted Pandoora from your facility. Below are 4 attachment pictures of Pandoora with Santa.  We just wanted to let you know that Pandoora is healthy and well. We love her so much. Her and Caviar, our other cat, are getting along better now that they are getting used to each other. Pandoora has a healthy appetite and talks all the time along with making all her little cat noises. She weighs 10 lbs and goes to the vet on a regular basis, just like Caviar does.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Terry and Candy Flanagan

Dear Heartland,

Just writing again this year to wish you a Merry Christmas.  I got my Christmas 
present way early this year when my parents brought home Maggie (formerly 
Hannahh) from Heartland in early April.  She is just the best!  People even say 
she looks like a "mni me" - lucky kid!  I can't tell you how awesome it is to 
have a pal to share my family with.  Maggie and I spend our days hanging out,
playing, taking walks, waiting for the mailman and all the good stuff happy,
healthy dogs should be doing.  I have attached a couple of pictures for you.
One is with our brother Chris who is one of your dog walking volulnteers.
Chris has been away at college since August so we can't wait for him to
come home!  Anyway, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and save lots
of dogs (and cats) in the New Year.

Chelsea (formerly Babette) and Maggie (formerly Hannahh)
and the entire Meehan Family

Hi, Heartland! This is Lili.  My parents and brother and I are Bigby's new family and here is his Happy Tail.  It’s been 3 years as of July 22nd. My awesome terrier has been with us for three whole years! I’m sorry for the delay of a Happy Tail, but here goes: 

                                        In 2011, my family adopted Bigby (formerly Chance) a young terrier mix. He was 
                                        rowdy and rambunctious when we first brought him home. We found perfect 
                                        outlets for his natural boundless energy. First, my dad and I created an agility 
                                        course in our large yard for him. He loved it. I make ½ hour long training sessions 
                                        for him regularly and I’m happy to say that he is getting to be pretty well 
                                        mannered (he just has to work on his begging). Bigby has loved fetch throughout 
                                        all of his three years with us, so that’s something that never bores him. I recently 
                                        took up running and obviously that is something that Bigby joins me with. We 
                                        average about nine miles a week and run every day, even if it’s just for twenty 

                                        Bigby loves car rides, playing soccer, running up sled hills, and accompanying me 
                                        and my friends at anywhere dog friendly (he's going to be known at Starbucks at 
                                        the dog that always orders a spoonful of whip-cream). He’s the only dog I know 
                                        that loves veggies and fruits as much as anything else in the world. Bigby is 
                                        currently 100% obsessed with oranges, which are part of his homemade food 
                                        mixture. His current favorite toys are his ChuckIt Ball, pinked stuffed bunny and a 
                                        stuffed purple shape that I sewed for him out of fleece. Despite being an 
                                        energetic terrier, he is incredibly gentle with all people (he LOVES little kids, 
                                        especially infants), his toys, his brother dog (a 13-year-old Beagle mix) and our 
                                        two cats. Bigby can be a little picky about other dogs, but has luckily made 
                                        several doggie-friends in our neighborhood. He's a little 
                                        protective of me when we're out together, but is sweet 
                                        as can be when he meets someone new. Bigby has 
                                        inspired me to start my own charity to help animals, 
                                        Project for Paws, which sends hand-decorated dog 
                                        collars to shelter dogs throughout the nation. He's 
                                        now the mascot of our blog. I love him to pieces!

It's difficult to imagine my life without him, but he lives life to the fullest each and every day. If you’ve ever owned a second chance pooch, you know that rescue dogs are truly the best dogs. Thank you, Heartland, for bringing him home.


It's been a year since we've adopted Robbin. We just love her so much. 
She has helped my little puppy mill rescue learn how to play and be a 
real dog. She also has been our little greeter to the dogs we've been 
fostering through our local shelter. She shows them the ropes and lets 
them know who's the alpha. She has been a joy and we adore her. 

Thanks so much for rescuing her so we could adopt her. Below is a 
picture of her on her doggy throne :)
Happy Holidays!

Bonnie & Dion