Welcome to Heartland's Happy Tails Page 2011!
Dear Heartland,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Bree, adopted
late August 2010.  We already have 2 dogs and a cat and
wanted to add an adult cat.  Everyone at Heartland was very
patient as I was concerned to find the right one for our
family.  I knew it would take some time, but it was well
worth it.  Bree was 4 1/2 when we brought her home and
with some patience has adjusted to our family.  Bree is a
sweet cat and loves to be petted.  While she's never going to
be best buds with the rest of the kids, she is very happy and
they all tolerate each other well. She especially loves her
feather fishing pole toy and treats.

Here is a picture of her playing with some Christmas paper.

The DeGraff's

Hello Jenny,
We just wanted to let you and your staff know that Tic "Tiki" is doing
great in his new home. He and his new big brother Mr. Magoo are getting
along like best friends now.  He is such a joy and he adjusted rather

I am attaching a picture. We are so happy to have found this precious
Best regards,
Susan and Mike

Dear Heartland,
I just wanted to let you know how well Pumpkin (formerly Paisley) is doing. It?s
hard to believe that she was at Heartland for almost one and one-half years ? but
thank you for taking such good care of our special girl!

She is getting along well with Rosey (the dog), and we all couldn?t be happier.
She has finally figured out that the cat in the mirror isn?t real. She has scouted
out all the best places to nap, and has also selected her favorite toys. She is
inquisitive and also very, very talkative. She has figured out, and let us all know,
that when the dog gets treats, the cat gets treats ? it?s that simple!

Our dog, Rosey, was at a shelter for two and one half years before we adopted
her over two years ago.  So, when selecting a pet to adopt from a shelter,
please don?t overlook those long-time residents ? they may not be the most
forthcoming at first, but they are wonderful, wonderful friends and companions
once they settle in.

So thanks again to Heartland for all you do ?
Linda Factor
(pictures attached ? I had  a hard time choosing, but you don?t have to use
them all!)

Dear Heartland,
We adopted Goucher (known as
Rosemary at Heartland) in July 2010.
We are happy to say that she is the
perfect addition to our family. She is
part cat and part dog. She will play
fetch with any toy you throw down
the hall, climb into any box or basket
she can make herself fit into, and
then snuggle into blankets to get
cozy for a long nap. We can?t believe
how much of a character she is,
especially when she crawls up the back of the couch, pops her head over
the cushions, and starts sniffing our heads? Thank goodness we have this
magical furniture that doesn?t seem to snag!

We want her foster family to know what a wonderful job they did giving
Goucher so much love and attention while she was there with Basil,
Oregano, and Sage. We think you played a huge role of turning her into
quite the friendly and affectionate kitten. And Heartland, you could not
have made looking for a kitten in your shelter a better experience! Thanks
for helping us find our dream cat!

The Jacquette Family

I adopted Webster from you in September I believe of 2009 and I adopted Harlee
from you last July or August. I just wanted to say thank you. Other than some
sever anxiety problems and some recent house training issues with Harlee, they
are both very smart and well behaved dogs. Here are a few pictures that you
may want to see that they are lovin life!!! Thanks again.


It has been about a year and a half since our two little kittens entered our family. We want to thank you so much for both rambo and cupcake, or as we know them Schumi (shoe-me) and Cupcake. We visited the heartland shelter showing at Golf Mill and we mentioned we adopted. They told us to send a picture of them so maybe you can hang them up. Either way we just wanted to show you how well they are doing and thank you so very much. (Schumi's picture is the one with the camera and Cupcake is the one laying down)

The Sanetra Family

Hello all at Heartland,
Today we have had Minka for 1 year! Thought
I would send along some pictures for Happy
Tails, since I think they tell her story with us
quite well. As you can see we all have
bonded amazingly.  Minka and Shane are
wonderful together which is better than we
could have imagined.  Minka is so happy and
healthy and LOVED.   We are so thankful that
the is with us in our family!

The Kelso's,
Jacquie, Chris, Brian, Shane and Minka.

Thanks Heartland!  Roscoe just celebrated his 5th anniversary with us!

Five years ago, I was still mourning the loss of my previous German
shepherd, who we lost to illness at only the age of 3 ½.  In January of
2006 I began looking for a new companion.  Imagine my delight when I
saw the most beautiful 10 month old German Shepherd (on Petfinder)
at Heartland. 

A few days later, I drove from our home in Wisconsin to Heartland to
meet Roscoe, and soon Roscoe was having his first car ride ever to his
new home.  As the weeks went by, he learned how to live in a house-
going down the stairs was too scary at first!

I remember very well the first time I let him off his leash outside.  We would go to the back yard every morning for some play time.  This morning, two weeks after bringing Roscoe home, I decided to let him loose.  He frolicked in the snow as though he were filled with utter joy.  We dog lovers know the look on their faces when they are smiling, and Roscoe ecstatic.    

This was the first of many new experiences for Roscoe and ?mommy?.  And he is without a doubt, ?Mommy?s boy?.  We?ve been to obedience classes, the dog park, the WI State Fair, in and at  parades, at 4th of July Fireworks, to the Golden Paws Gala,  swimming in the lake up north,  and wherever else dogs area allowed.  Roscoe turns heads wherever he goes? he is so beautiful!!

Roscoe is also the most UNagressive dog I could wish for.  Although his size and breed seem to strike fear into the hearts of those who don?t know better.   Even so, some people have done foolish things? like the mom who let her little daughter run up to Roscoe and grab him without asking my permission.  Good thing she picked Roscoe for that stunt; he took it all in stride as though it were normal.  Then there was the Sherriff?s deputy who came up from behind us at a civic event and hugged Roscoe.  I was taken aback, but Roscoe was not.  Again, it?s all part of being so handsome, I suppose.

So, again thank you to Heartland and all the sweet people who took care of my buddy, Roscoe.  He has been a blessing and I thank the Lord for giving us the wonderful gift of canine companionship.

While CG's adoption story may be similar to any other, I can guarantee you that he's had a
profound impact on my life. I came across his Petfinder profile three years ago. It was his
picture that grabbed my heart -- and his story. He's a special needs cat with cerebellar
hypoplasia. At first I wasn't sure if could handle that, but I soon decided if I was going to
adopt and love any cat, it may as well be one that needed love the most.

Adopting CG has been one of the best decisions of my life. Living and learning with his
condition has taught me millions of things, including unconditional love. I've since started
a blog about cerebellar hypoplasia and have connected with other CH cat owners. It's my
goal to get the word out that special needs pets are just that -- special. They're
extraordinary animals that will change your life unlike any other pet. It's been an
incredible three years, and I'm happy to say it started because of Petfinder.
Dear heartland, you guys must have a big heart to take care of all the animals
at heartland, I adopted a dog from heartland about 6 months ago and his name
was Rocket he?s a German shepherd akitta mix. When I first saw him I knew
he was the one because I connected with him in no other way that I did with
the other dogs. He?s now 2 and has a best friend Dakota that?s 12 years old
she?s and Siberian husky. He?s definitely a runner and loves to play in the big
yard we have, he loves to catch tennis balls and run around in the water. I
wanted to adopt him because I felt like he would be my best friend and watch
out for me witch he does, and I always wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter
because there are so many that need to be adopted so another pet can get
off of the street, so I worked really hard and saved up my money all summer
to get him. Even though I?m only thirteen I take care of him like an adult with
a little help from my mom. He knows his basic commands and loves to do
tricks for treats. Well I would just like to thank you for having a big heart to
take care of all of these pets. i know that sounds cheesey and that sounds
like a joke that my dad would say but i needed something to open this letter
thing. Here are some pictures of Rocket and Dakota

Dear Heartland,
I've adopted Maki about a month ago and
she's doing great. She has come around
and is my new cuddle buddy. She loves
running around and sleeping on my rug.
Sheis a great addition to my home and
keeps me great company.  She adjusted
faster than I expected and loves being on
her own. Thanks to the shelter for doing
a great job!
Beata and Maki

In July of 2006 I was browsing on petfinder and stumbled across
Zimmi! I already have a beagle but I decided to check out Zimmi (a
beagle/bassett hound mix) and I ended up adopting him from
Heartland Animal Shelter.  We will be celebrating 5 years with Zimmi
this year and he is truly the greatest joy in our life.  The first night I
brought him home, he was exploring and getting to know our sweet
elderly beagle named Buffy.  He had one pee accident the first night
in the house but the next day he quickly learned to bark at the back
door to be taken out thanks to Buffy and him previously being house

Zimmi is so playful and has so much love to give.  I've had a few
hardships and he has always been right by my side to cheer me up. 
He makes us laugh every single day with his silly antics and he loves to
be outside in the summertime enjoying it with his sister Buffy.  He
takes care of Buffy and loves to clean her!  He is given kisses and hugs everyday and even has his own room to sleep in!  He sleeps on his baby mattress and blanket and lets us know at 8 am that it's his breakfast time.  Adopting Zimmi was the best decision ever and our love for him is tremendous.  I can't thank Heartland enough for taking care of my sweet boy until he found his forever home.  Heartland is a no kill shelter and they truly care about their furry friends. 

Zimmi is between 6 and 7 years old and each year he gets older it makes me very sad but I know that I've given him the best life he could have.  I'm sure my baby will still be here ten years from now still making us laugh.  Adopting a pet brings joy into your life and every animal deserves to be taken care of and loved.  Thanks so much, Heartland!

Dear Heartland,
Being a volunteer at Heartland, I know how much I love to see happy tales about dogs I have helped take care of, so, here is an update on 2 Heartland alumni with attached photos.

I adopted Bonnie (fka Sweetie) in July 2008.  She is the rat terrier/beagle/? mix and was a senior when we
adopted her.  If anyone is looking for an easy dog to take care of, seniors are the best.  She is very low key and just wants to be loved.  Her favorite place to sleep is under the blanket next to my feet.  In winter she makes a great foot warmer.  We have loved her from day one.  She is doing great and gets along wonderfully with her brother and sister (Otto, great dane, and Abby, collie mix, also a rescue).  She does think that she is in charge of Otto, though, which he accepts willingly.

In January 2011, my son and his girlfriend adopted Barney (fka Randee, the one-eyed Lhasa mix).  He's been the perfect dog for them, sweet and loving.  He's about 3 years old with plenty of energy but also very laid back in their apartment.  He's a great snuggle-bug and bed buddy.

Barney has joined our pack of three and the four of them get along beautifully.  They all get together at the grandparent's house once a week to run around the big backyard and Barney occasionally has sleep-overs at our house.  When Barney runs, he looks like Superman flying with all 4 legs stretched straight out in front and back.

Here's a pic of them patiently waiting for a treat from grandpa.  All he has to say is "cookie" and he gets immediate attention.

I'd like to give all the pets at heartland a happy home but since I can't, I'll keep doing the next best thing, volunteering at Heartland.  It's a wonderful place and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Pet adoption is great!
Dear Heartland Animal Shelter,
We, the Cotugno family, would like to give you an update on
the-pooch-formerly-known-as-Eggnog. (We call him Iggy.)   When we got
him from the shelter, he was a very outgoing fellow, who honestly had
very little hair. He was on the streets for two months and had a very poor
diet, thus causing hair loss on his tail and head.   That is no longer the case.
He is a very healthy (maybe too chubby) dog who loves his new forever

We all love him very much and each have our own terms of endearment for
him.  My mom calls him ?Igger? , my dad calls him ?Egg-man? and
?Ignatius?, my grandmother calls him by his old name, Eggnog, and I call
him ?ladies man? as he is becoming quite popular with the neighborhood?s
female population, dogs and humans alike.

Iggy is spoiled here. His favorite spots in the house are with either me or my mom. He follows us everywhere! When it comes to sleeping, he frequents the master bedroom, my room, or his own bed on occasion for afternoon naps. He is no longer afraid of going in his cage, as he was reluctant at first.  He is very happy here, and has many toys to play with. We occasionally give him a rawhide bone to gnaw on, which is always entertaining when he buries it and then can?t remember a few hours later where he hid it!

He did have a few habits at first that were unacceptable, but now that he?s settled him, he has broken the habits of biting people?s heels and humping my dad?s leg.

We love him very much, and we are all very happy that we adopted him. We?re pretty sure that he?s happy here too. His tail never stops wagging!

Thank you!
The Cotugno Family.

Hi, My name is Kristen and I adopted Scruggs ,was then Copper, on
September 21, 2010.  I have had many dogs through the years of my life as
I grew up in a dog friendly family but I never knew how the right dog could
make all the difference.  All my dogs were great but Scruggs is my baby
literally like my child my best friend.  He has provided me with a world's
worth of happiness our daily walks and trips to the parks and forest
preserves are priceless. And let me tell you this dog is amazing with a
Frisbee I think he could climb a tree if I gave him that opportunity he jumps
as if he thinks he could fly. We go camping and on river trips and he is my
best friend my best companion.  And as of a few days ago I owe him life.  I
have had Pneumonia for the past two weeks and have been fighting hard to beat it but
the other day returning from our mid day walk I passed out in the stair well of my house
and Scruggs began to bark so intensely that he alerted my neighbor who then came in
to check on me.  Fortunately my door was unlocked and he came in and rushed me to
the hospital where I was immediately treated due to my esophagus closing from an
allergic reaction to my medication.  If I had not been brought to the hospital I do not
know if I would be alive to write this letter.  Scruggs is now not only my best friend he
is my hero my savior and your facility provided by with this angel.  I named him Scruggs
because the day I brought him home he looked like a salty dog a song I know performed
by Earl Scruggs an amazing banjo player and he reminded me of him.  Earl Scruggs music
has touched my life and Scruggs has saved it.  I know this note rambles on and I am
sorry but inspiration from a 50 lbs in weight 1000 lb in heart dog has me rambling. 
Thank you for the work you do you provided me with the most important thing in my
life my by my dog my Scruggs.

The link attached is "salty dog " performed by Earl Scruggs       


I have also attached a few photos the first is one I took the first day at pet smart getting him his first collar, the second was halloween, the third I just think he looks cute sleeping, and the final him and his sister Bela name after Béla Fleck the banjo player.

Lots of love and good wishes to you and your facility please keep me update on any events you have coming up.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Many thanks to everyone at
Heartland. We had been searching
for the right friend for our family
and Bailey our 5 year old retriever.
A friend had said that I absolutely
needed to check your website. I did
and I saw the sweetest face that
called to me. A week later we
brought "Funny Girl' who has been
renamed "Canoli" home. At first
when she met everyone she was
soooo nervous because she was so
little and scared. She hid behind daddy when she played tug of war with
Bailey. But soon she grew big and isn't afraid anymore. She is finally home
where she belongs and knows everyone LOVES HER! Something told me to
wait, for two years. I did, and it brought her to us. I am greatful to Heartland
for helping her when she was in need and helping us find a new member of
our family.

Hi,  My name is Erin and I recently adopted my little girl kitten, Omega, from Heartland and it was such a great thing for me and my family (people and current pets).  We have since renamed her Gertie, although everyone refers to her as Sweet Gertie, and she has fit in with us just perfectly.  She especially loves her new big sisters, golden retriever, Miley and German shepherd mix, Callie.  They both get lots and lots of rubs and cuddle time. She also enjoys hide and seek with her brother, tabby cat, Oliver.  She is just the sweetest little girl and I am so happy with her and the wonderful experience I've had with heartland. I look forward to many years of cuddles and play with my Gertie!  Thank you Heartland!

Hey Tom and everyone at Heartland,
I hope you all are having a happy Memorial Day.  I just
wanted to send you a quick update on Patrick, who we
renamed  "Bullitt."  The first few days he was very
nervous around the house and Rusty, the dachshund
that we also have.  However, after about 4 or 5 days he
opened up.  He started playing non-stop and then trying
to play wth Rusty.  Rusty was a little nervous at first and
I think it was because of all the energy that Bullitt had. 
He is a very well behaved pup as it only took him maybe
4 or 5 days to become fully housebroken and is taking to
the home training very well; he knows how to sit, lay
down, stay, speak, sit pretty, give five, and speak softly.
I have included some pictures of him as a pup and where
he is at currently.  When we got him he was 21 pounds
and I just took him to the vet this past thursday, for his
Leptospira shot, and he now weighs 50.8 pounds.  I also included a
picture of our pup Bandit, since we spoke of him so much.

Take Care and thank you again,

Wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how well Coach
(renamed Reggie) is doing. The day we got home, Reggie ran in the
house, down the hall, and up on my bed and has been sleeping there
ever since. We have had no accidents at all which was a great surprise
considering we didn't even know if he lived in a house before. It is
obvious by his behavior that he has had some experience with people
and it also became pretty obvious he hadn't been treated very well when
it came to food. The first time I tried to give him a treat, he immediately
backed away, dropped his head and turned his body away from me and
looked scared. It only took a couple of days to get Reggie to trust me and
take treats from my hand, but it broke my heart the first time I saw him
react that way. He also would walk away if I was eating anything and
seemed to cower and avoid eye contact while I had food, so he is
definitely not a beggar. I took him to the groomer the 2nd day I had him
and they fell in love with him. He needed a good washing and came out looking all bright and shiny. I also took him to my vet right away because he had a very loose stool and he scratches all the time. We finally have the stool issue cleared up, but are working on the scratching still. We think he has allergies so I have been trying different remedies hoping something will work for the poor guy. Even with all the itching, Reggie has the best personality and disposition! He is always wagging his tail and looking for affection. He has a constant smile on his face. Reggie listens and obeys and stays in the yard and follows me around when I mow. I was told he did well at doggy daycare when I had to board him overnight. I think he might be trying to protect me when we encounter other dogs on walks though, because he acts like he wants to take everyone on. He was introduced to other dogs at the daycare outside of my presence which I think might have helped so we will be working on that. I said it would be a quick email but I guess there is a lot of good stuff to talk about when it comes to Reggie. I am so happy with my decision to adopt from Heartland and Tom was so helpful when I was meeting the dogs. I picked Reggie because he kept trying to crawl into my lap that day. Thank you to all of you, and I would recommend Heartland to anyone looking to adopt. I will keep in touch and keep you updated with our progress.
Thank you so much, Shannan
Hi guys!  I know I've only been home for less than 24 hours, but I just couldn't wait to tell you how my first night went!

I was such a good boy during the car ride. Actually, I really enjoyed it! My mama and grandma took me to Petsmart to get some of the necessary essentials, like toys and treats :) I met a few other dogs while we were there and I liked them all! They seemed to like me too! I kept my distance from the "froofy" ones though. There's something about their puffy fur and dainty faces that I don't particularly care for, although I can't quite put my dewclaw on what it is. Anyway, once we got what we needed we headed home. My mama lives in an apartment and I LOVED running up the stairs! When I finally got inside I couldn't wait to check everything out. I really like it here! I especially like the big patio door and all the windows in her bedroom. I love when they're open and I can listen to the birds singing outside. I made myself comfy so I could enjoy the sounds.

My mamas boyfriend stopped by to visit and I was a little nervous at first, but then I remembered how he came to visit me at Heartland and that I really liked him. He gave me LOTS of pets and I was so happy!  We went for a long walk and I explored/sniffed/peed on everything! I was so excited and I just couldn't hide it! My busy day exhausted me so I took a nap when we got in.

I'd worked up such an appetite by dinner time. I was so happy when mama was making my dinner that I was jumping up and down! When she asked me to sit, though, I did. I waited so patiently for her to put my dish down and then I ate and ate! I'll have you know I was very polite when mama was around my food. When it was time for our bedtime walk I got a burst of energy and explored everything all over again! I was still pretty exhausted though so afterwards I snuggled with mama and we went to bed. It was so nice to snuggle! Mama rubbed my tummy until I fell asleep. I slept on her shoulder but made sure my tummy was exposed so she could keep rubbing. I knew it made her happy :)

This morning was just wonderful. We ate breakfast, and once again I was a perfect gentleman around mama and my food. We also went for a few walks. I'm very good at letting mama know when I need to go outside. I'm so happy that I get to show her how smart I am! She keeps calling me a good boy and I like that :) I found a pillow that I really like so I made myself comfy. 

REALLY comfy...

And now I'm just relaxing and writing to all of my friends at Heartland while mama gives me pets. I really love all of the wonderful people at Heartland and I'll sure miss all of you! Thank you for taking such great care of me until my mama found me. She keeps saying that she doesn't know why I was passed up for so long but that doesn't matter anymore because I'm in my forever home now and I think I'm really going to like it here :) I'll be sure to update everyone after I've been home for a little while longer. Like I said, I just couldn't wait to tell everyone how fantastic my first night was. Thanks again for being so wonderful to me!

Love, Zorro

Dottie's gotten very used to her new home.  As you can see, she has no problem
relaxing anywhere she likes.  She's letting me pet her more easily now, and even
goes into "her" chair in the bedroom when I tell her it's time for bed.  She isn't
much into playing, I think because she has never learned how.  She mostly lounges
around and looks out the patio windows, which is fine since I'm gone 10 hours a
day.  She usually greets me and prances around when I come home at night.

I live in a condo, but I've taken her to my parents' house a couple times.  The last
time she was there, I helped her "discover" the stairs and she spent a few hours
just going up and down them - another thing she had never done before, I think. 
She was also interested in my parents' two older cats, unfortunately they aren't
too keen on visitors.

She loves using the scratching post and I'm able to trim her claws.

I just want everyone at Heartland know how well Octavian is doing since I
adopted him on Mother's Day -- what a wonderful boy he is!  Wanting to find a
companion to my 17 year old cat Pip who was grieving the loss of his brother, I
saw Octavian's posting on adoptapet.com and knew he would be the one -- he
looked like Pip -- in a tuxedo!  Octavian has a laid-back personality and wasn't
fazed when Pip growled and hissed during their first meetings.  He just stepped
back and gave Pip his own space.  Octavian seemed at home right away, but Pip
needed time to come around.  It took a few weeks but the boys have become
buddies at last!  Here are photos of Octavian, solo (lounging on a kitchen chair)
and with Pip (hanging out on the bed).  Of course Pip gets the seniority spot on
the pillows!

Thanks so much, Heartland, for sweet Octavian.

Hi Everyone at Heartland! I just wanted to let you know how Shamrock was doing. We know it is odd that a German Shepherd has an Irish name, but since we received notification about Shamrock on St. Patrick?s Day we knew it was only fitting.

He is growing up to be a big boy. We took him to get weighed for this heartworm and he was just over 50lbs at 6 months old. Shamrock LOVES to be outside and LOVES to be loved, he puts his ears down, wags his tail and charges at you so you can pet and hug him.  He also enjoys playing with his cousin dogs as often as possible (picture attached of him and his pal Buddy).

Shamrock has been a great dog. He was house broken in less than a week and knows where to go to bed, to sit and is working on release and stay. I think the most amazing thing about him is that when he
knows when you are down or having a rough day, he will sit next to you and give you a
hug, a paw on one shoulder and his head on the other.

Thank You Heartland for bring Shamrock to us!
Shamrocks Family!

We adopted "Boxie", now renamed "Alice", in the end of May 2011.  She was
originally named Boxie, because she was found in a box.

She now is happy and making a pest of herself any chance she gets.  Our 2
dogs, a golden and a Black Lab, get picked on by her all the time. 
Here are some pictures of her.

Thank you,

My husband and I adopted Sadie (formerly named Cedes) from Heartland on Saturday,
June 4th. I wasn't sure if this feeling existed, but the minute that we saw her in the
cage, we knew that she was meant to be our little girl. I first noticed her excitability, affectionate nature, and her "wiggly
butt." When she gets excited, she wiggles her entire body. My husband and I had been looking for just the right dog for us for months, and we are blessed to have found Sadie. She quickly wormed her way into our home and our hearts. We crate trained her initially, but learned quickly that she was potty trained, and no longer "needed" her crate after about 3 days. We still keep her crate out and she goes in there to relax sometime. She is extremely affectionate, gives lots of kisses, gives paw, and sits. Most importantly, she is a happy girl who is generous in giving us as much love as we give her. We always tell her that her shelter days are over forever, because she will live the rest of her life with the love and care that she has always deserved. Thank you to Heartland for the work that you do everyday. Thank you for bringing Sadie into our lives. 

Nicole & Giancarlo
I just wanted to send you and up-date on Mrs. Dalloway.   Dally, as I call
her, became my foster cat in April 2010, shortly after she was brought
into Heartland with frozen paws and tail.  With a lot of love and good
care from the Heartland staff and Dr. Preiser and her staff, Dally was
able to recover nicely and with very little handicap.  Her treatments
took almost 4 months before her paws were completely healed. All
during her treatments she remained a very sweet natured.cat, never
biting or even hissing when I needed to handle her.  

I have since adopted Dally and just wanted to let you know that she has
progressed nicely.  Dally is still a very sweet natured cat and has
overcome her shyness with me.  She is now my lap cat and is enjoying her
new life in my home.  Since she has no toes on 3 of her feet she is my only
pet and has the run of the house when I am at work.  She enjoys climbing
up on the back of the armchair and hopping onto the bed or the sofa.  She
has adapted to the loss of her toes quite nicely and just acts like there is
nothing missing.   She loves to be petted and brushed and gives me lots of
purrrrs.  I could not ask for a better companion and I am rewarded every
day with her affection.  Attached are some recent pictures of Dally.


We adopted murphy early this year after my 11
year rat terrier died.  We were so sad after
Mickey's death. We took all that sadness and gave
all our love to murphy.  Murphy and I had a hard
time the first three weeks for some reason he just
did not like me.  He was so mean to me that he bit
my face but my husband he loved right away.  As
time went on he began to trust me and now we
are all a happy family.  My parents own a farm in
central Il that we often go to in the summer.  The
farm has become his 2nd home.  Murphy runs and
plays with all kinds of things on the farm.  I can't wait to see what is going to happen when he
figures out that there are cow's on the farm lol.  I have attached two pics one with him on the
porch on the farm and him in his cubs hat.  Murphy has saved us as much as we saved him.

Hello Heartland,
Jackie would like me to update you on how she is doing. First of all, we changed her name from Cowgirl to Jackie.  We adopted her from Heartland after she was rescued from CAC where she only had a few days left before they were going to kill her.

She has adapted very well to her new home here in Wheeling.  She plays alot and has learned new tricks. She gives her Paw and the other one when you ask. She also Sits, Stays, Comes when called.  We just recently got back from our cabin in Northern Wisconsin and she enjoyed playing on the 15 acres up there.  We also go to the dog parks alot to play with other dogs and to my parents house they have a collie puppy, Sammie, and they play all the time together.

Her new family loves having her around and so grateful that we were able to adopt such a wonderful dog.   She is so smart and wonderful to have around.

Thank you to everyone at Heartland who saved her from CAC and took great care of her at Heartland till she found a great home with us!
Jennifer & Brent Spencer
For almost two years we've had two cats formerly known as Mercury and
Diana.  Since adopting them we changed their names to Max and Ellie.  I
wanted to let Heartland know that we couldn't be more happy with our
choice to adopt these two cats.  They have brought so much laughter and
love into our lives!  Max and Ellie had a rough start but are truly very happy
cats, they cuddle and play.  Are mischievous and curious.  In the pictures you
can see them hanging out in their favorite place - the high windows.  You can
also see them from my perspective every morning, waiting to get fed!  I don't
have much to say other than thank you to Heartland for connecting us to
these two wonderful cats!  They've truly become a part of our family, and
anyone who is thinking about making a furry addition to their family - ADOPT!


My husband and I adopted Levi from you in September of
2009.  (You had his name as Levih but we dropped the "h"). 
And he has been the most wonderful dog we could have
ever asked for! 

I know that everyone at Heartland spent a lot of time
finding a home for the extra special dog and we are so glad
that you did and that we "found" him.  We have since
moved to Florida and Levi is loving his life here with his
little sister Piper the Min Pin.  He spends every afternoon
at the dog park and is a wonderfully social dog. 

We are so happy to have Levi in our lives and I just wanted
to send you a few pics of him...

Thank you for everything you do!!!!
My family and I adopted Roy in August of 2009. Roy was
rescued from a home in southern Illinois. They hoarded
many things- including dogs. Roy came into our lives and
has a lot of anxiety. Every day he would learn to trust and
love us. He is part of our family and I could
not imagine a day without the love and happiness he brings
to our family. Roy loves his family of stuffed hedgehogs,
rawhide sticks and playing ball outside. 

Roy has a favorite treat- Nabisco Butter Cookies. In fact,
you can't say "cookie" at home with out him jumping
around with excitement.

If anyone ever thinks about adopting an animal- I
completely recommend it. It may require attention and
patience but knowing your pet has a happy home and a family compare to
nothing else. Roy wakes up every morning with his puppy smile and long belly rubs. 

Heartland is a great place to adopt. Every animal is given so much love and attention.
They are friendly and incredibly helpful.

Roy loves his home of 2 years. We couldn't wait to share his Happy Tail with all of you!

The Haase Family

I don't know if we ever dropped you a note to say thank you for giving us Rusty; so I want to do so now. Rus is my best friend! We adopted him around May of 2004. Rusty is a red nosed pit bull mix. He is an all around great dog. We were told he wasn't cat or kid friendly; but I must tell you we now have 2 cats (family member's) living with us; and they are not a bit afraid of him. He is also very protective of our 2 grandchildren. Charlie, our 3 yr old grandson can now reach the cookie jar where we keep Rusty's treats; so Rus follows him everywhere.

I just don't know how we got so lucky to get him. My 29 yr old son is now looking to adopt a dog; and wants a Rusty the 2nd. I told him to be patient, we looked for about a month, and when we met Rusty we fell in love! This is what prompted me to contact you, and thank you. Rusty is the best dog, friend, and companion anybody could ask for!

I will send you some pictures of him soon (new computer, no pics loaded on it yet).

Just thought I would send some pics of Grayson and Cognac.  I love them both sooo much.  They are well and happy little kittens! 

Dear Heartland,
About a year and a half ago we picked out a cat from your shelter. Her
name was Noor, we named her Nora Doodle. I am so sad to report that
she was diagnosed with FIP and we had to put her down last night. She
was such an amazing cat and I knew the first time she bit me at your
place, I knew she was the one. I just wanted to thank everyone there
for the great things you do each day. You gave us a great  cat and friend
and I am truly grateful for that. Attached is a picture of her. God bless
everyone there.

-Erik Kaczmarek
I wanted to share some photos of India Viviana (formerly Coal).  She has been a real
pleasure and a joy to be around.  She?s a sweetheart and loves cuddling.  She?s the best
cat this first time cat owner could have asked for.  Thank you!


Hello everyone at Heartland!
I just wanted to let you know how Sally is doing. We adopted her two months ago and
she is such a joy! She has the sweetest personality and she is so smart! After a few days,
she got used to us and her new home and settled in nicely. She got housebroken fairly
quickly and she has learned the basics: sit, down, wait, leave it, etc.  She is a bit of a
chewer, so we keep her supplied with kongs and nylabones, but she's still a puppy, afer

Sally absolutely loves everyone, and wherever we go, she draws a crowd and quickly
becomes the center of attention. We know she is part lab; she always has her nose to
the ground, is sweet and affectionate, and has a big labby grin, and looks a lot like a
small lab. It has also become quite apparent she is part whippet and our vet agrees. She
has a  very long whippet tail that curves up at the end, deep ribcage, long neck, and can
run incredibly fast and she has a scissor run, rather than a horse trot. She also can jump
straight up about four feet in the air from a stand! It's quite impressive and usually gets
a lot of oohs and ahhs from anyone who sees it.  Sally loves to do about 20 laps up and
down the hall at top speed every day and then she settles down quite nicely. She really
is a couch potato, as her favorite place is in my lap on the couch. Of course, that's my
favorite place for her to be, too!

This past weekend Sally visited our daughter's lab mix rescue, Zoe, and went swimming
for the first time. The two "girls" are in one of the pictures, with Sally being the dog in
the back. We aren't sure if she actually planned to go swimming, as she ran after  Zoe
and looked a bit surprised to find the water wasn't solid surface, but she did well and
had a great time.

What a wonderful combination, whippet and labrador, as both breeds are smart and
sweet. We are so lucky to have our little "whippador" Sally.  Thank you so much for
taking such good care of her at Heartland and for bringing us together!

Alice and Tom Kecseg

Dear Stephanie,
Thanks very much for saving Toto, and for
the privilege of being able to adopt him.
Please don't hestitate to stop by to see
him "any time" or call any of us for updates;
I do believe Teresa is planning on bringing
him for some lessons (though he is well
trained by Heartland already).  Indeed, he
is sweet, caring, talkative, communicative,
smart, playful, fast "as lightening", acrobatic, protective, loyal, trusting and gets a big "FIVE STARS"!  While one can say there are inherent behaviors, I know his excellent attitude and quickly becoming accustomed to new people and surroundings is due to your and Heartland Animal Shelter's love, care, attention and procedures!  Toto has brought us tremendous joy and we are very appreciative of your fine care.  We will cherish him, have him flourish more, and protect him "for always".  I feel so very fortunate (and lucky) to be in Toto's presence.  You will always be a huge part of his life, and are the reason he is here.

Kind regards,

About 5 years ago we adopted a Treeing Walker Coonhound named Delilah
(now Lisa Marie) we got her when she was a 1 year old skinny shy dog. She
is now a 90 pound overweight, always eating, demanding dog. She sleeps
on the bed every night and goes to work everyday. If she doesn't get to
go on a car ride than she sleeps right next to the door until I get back, when
I do get back she wags her tail heavily and jumps. She runs around the
neighborhood, everyday waiting for are one neighbor to give her food
(once she waited for 30 minutes next to her door) always coming back in
about an hour. She always finds a way to get food, once she got 6 donuts
while we were asleep. When ever she wants to be pet or wants food will
either bark or scratch us. Lisa Marie is living a very good life at 6 years old.

I know you must receive 100's of emails a day..but I couldn't resist sending this to you.  We adopted "Audrey" and "Juno" in Feb of 2008.  Audrey was renamed "Queenie" because she was so comfortable when we first brought her home, she walked around like the Queen.  She was so welcoming to our dog, "Bailey" another adopted pet from a dog pound 3 hours away.  Look how relaxed she is! I don't think she was ever around dogs.  Sits right next to her.  So cute!  She even gets along fine now with the street cat that I found.  I had previously written to you about that.  Everyone is doing great!

I feel it was fate we adopted Ziggy. I actually met her at Golf Mill and was bringing my family to meet her the next day. But she had been adopted. So we met another dog, she was new to the shelter so we weren't sure of her fit with our family just yet. We were leaving on vacation for a week and said we would check back when we returned. While on vacation we made plans to visit the other dog when we got back. When we returned Ziggy was back! Her previous family did not work out. So she was waiting for us! Of course I felt guilty about the other dog, but wouldn't you know it, she was adopted by another family the same day we took Ziggy home. Destiny??? ;)

Ziggy is doing amazing. We marvel every day that she has only been here a few short weeks. She has settled in so perfectly, it feels like she has always been there. She is such a sweet, loving and respectful dog. She is wonderful with our three young children, very calm, never jumps, always loving, even when my three year old hangs and pulls on her!

We would love to share a story. There are so many cute things so I will just share a few bullets and you can pick what works best for your story.

My three year old daughter has taken to lining up all her stuffed animals (puppies and more) by Ziggy's bed. She then proceeds to sit with Ziggy on her bed and read a story to her animal gallery. Of course she just makes up the story because she is not quite reading yet, but she and Ziggy love the time together all the same.

My seven year old is Ziggy's kindred spirit. He plays hard, just like her. He's typically the one to greet us with her leash in his hand and ask if we can take her for a walk or can he take her in the back yard to throw a ball around. He wears her out and she returns the favor, and when they come in from playing he collapses with her, laughing and calling her his special nickname, Ziggarino.

And last but not least is my eight year old who is a little nervous around dogs and does not like doggy drool. Ziggy is so patient and respectful with him that all his nervousness went away immediately! He began a new morning routine and every day he wakes up and joins Ziggy on her bed for morning hugs and tiny little doggy kisses. She is so gentle he doesn't even mind her wet nose.

I hope I'm not gushing too much! We are so pleased and feel so blessed that Ziggy found us. She is the perfect fit and I am so happy she has completed our family and brought us to be ramfamsix!

Kristi (and Kevin, Luke, Nate, Mia and Ziggy)

We just wanted to let you know how much we love having Keisha (now named Molly - huskie/collie mix) as part of our family.  We adopted her in November of 2010 after she had been returned to Heartland for having separation anxiety.  We absolutely adore her.  She goes to the dog park at least 5 days a week and she gets long walks and runs often.  She is the most loving dog and she still has a tremendous amount of energy.  She gets hundreds of hugs and kisses on a daily basis, and she entertains everyone that she meets.
We can't thank you enough for the work that you do and for bringing so much joy to our family.
All the best.
Jared and Cory
We wanted to send an update on Zeus.
Although, I kept saying no to Zeus you
were right he is perfect for us! I tell
everyone that they need to come visit your
shelter. You were the only ones who knew
about your dogs and placed them carefully.
I am so glad you steered us away from all
the other dogs we were looking at and
kept us looking at Zeus.

He enjoys football practice and games with
Drew. We run about 3 miles at least 4 days a week. He is taking doggy class and he has come MILES. He is still very protective when dogs come after him first but very calm and sweet if other dogs are not barking and aggressive toward him. We are still keeping the cats separate but they are coexisting.

Thanks for matching us with the "right" dog. Attached are some pictures.

Attached is a photo of Zachary (the darker one) after one year with us!  He
is napping at doggie day care with his best friend Marlon -- he is truly a
wonderful dog, and we feel so lucky that he chose us at Heartland!


Hi All,

My sister & I each adopted a puppy from Heartland 1 month ago and we
wanted to let you all know what a delight they are!  We have play dates
with them at least twice a month (they are sisters).  You know them as
Nulato & Nome--they are now Coco & Gracie.  I have attached some
pictures that we thought you would enjoy!  Thanks again for such
wonderful pets and also for all of the hard work you do for the homeless

Best Regards,
Nancy Argentine

These two were caught just being trouble makers. Our original cat Peppurrmint (the black cat)
And our new cat Snickers, the cat formerly known as officer friendly, enjoy bird watching, playing hide and seek, and chasing each other. Clearly no where is off limits.

Earlier this week, we celebrated our one year anniversary of adopting Wally!  He is a part
of the family and we don't know what we would do without him.  Wally insists on being
the centerpiece of any good cuddle and LOVES tummy rubs.  He also likes to chase ducks
& squirrels when we go on walks.  Thank you for helping us find our little boy and for
taking care of animals in need of a good home.

Tha Valdez Family

Hey guys! I just wanted to say hello and show you what I've been up to for the past few months!
I spend a lot of time running around with my uncle Riley in Grandma?s BIG fenced-in yard. We also go on walks together, and we lounge together; we?re pretty much best buddies. Oh, and that thing around my neck is my ?bumper?. If I?m not wearing it I can fit through Grandma?s fence... I don?t mind wearing it because it keeps me safe

A few months ago I had a little accident on my bed :-/ So what did mama do? She bought me a new bed that night! I?ve been going to class at Petsmart because it?s a great way for me to meet other dogs. I pretty much know everything they teach in class, so I love to show off my skills. You wouldn?t believe how long I can ?stay? and how well I can ?heel?. I graduated from the beginner class and am doing very well in the intermediate class!Grandma and mama bought me some jackets and a sweater for the cold weather. I like wearing them, and I look very handsome in them! I think my red jacket makes me look like a super hero!

My 5th birthday was on Thanksgiving, so we decided to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. On Thanksgiving, I had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and meatballs for dinner! I loved it! On Saturday, my daddy made me a birthday cake! It was a carrot/peanut butter cake with cottage cheese on top and carrot candles. We took my cake over to grandma?s house so we could celebrate with my uncles Bear and Riley. We all liked my cake very much! When we got home, mama and daddy gave me my presents. I was so excited to unwrap them! I got a stuffed bunny, a birthday monkey, rawhides, and bully sticks. I had a really great birthday!

I hope everyone at Heartland is doing well! Have a wonderful holiday!

Dear Heartland,  About 2 weeks ago I adopted little Sprite, the office favorite as
I soon found out when I came to the shelter to bring her home w/ me.

She is such a delight! Just after 4 days of having her, Sprite and my other cat
Jasper who was a stray that I found in the garage 4 months ago, have become
good friends. They play, run & jump around. They love chasing each other, but
when they are relaxing on the bed, Jasper will lick Sprite's face & neck. Sprite
loves to lay across my keyboard as I'm typing and the past few days she has been
sleeping in my wheelchair when I'm not in it.

At a yr & 8 months I can't get over how tiny she is. Her special diet that
Heartland found to work best for her body truely does great for her bowl
disorder called megacolon. She eats so well & she actually enjoys her Mirilax I
sprinkle on her food. Her meds are easy & very quick to give her. Though Sprite
is not a fan of her meds, we get it done & over with before she even knows it.

I have desided to keep Sprite's name. I don't have the heart to change her name
as so many of her human friends at Heartland love her & have fought so hard to
keep her happy & healthy. Sprite & I are so very thankful to Heartland Animal
Shelter for that.

Here are just a few pictures for everyone to enjoy of Sprite's new life with her
new bestfriend in her forever home.

To the Staff and Volunteers at Heartland,
Here are some pictures of Spooky (renamed Sophie), adopted on 7/31/11, and Denali (renamed
Monkey), adopted on 9/24/11. 

They are great companions -- often eating, sleeping and playing together.  They are bonded; yet, I
wouldn't say they are inseparable.  They also know when to give each other space.  They have not had
one fight, although they do like to play-wrestle and chase each other around.  Monkey hasn't met a
toy that he doesn't love to play with.  He can entertain himself for hours with even a bottle cap or
twist tie.  Sophie only cares for a couple of toys but she loves watching Monkey play with his.  There
are lots of windows for them to look out of and keep an eye on the neighborhood rabbits, squirrels,
chipmunks and birds. 

They are very happy and all their needs are being met.  We're so glad to have them.

Thank you for all you do for the homeless animals.  You are all amazing.  Also, a special thank you
to Alex for helping us pick out our cats and to Ruby for her extensive telephone help. 

Happy Holidays!
Lisa G.

Heartland Animal Shelter,
We adopted Lucy (aka Diamond Lil) in June 2011.  At the
time of adoption, she was very emaciated and had a rough
start at the shelter.  She stole our hearts from the
beginning and is nothing short of spoiled rotten.  I swore
up and down I would NEVER allow a dog on the couch.  I
couldn't say no to Lucy's adorable face and big brown eyes.
She spends her days laying in the sun, looking out the
window and snuggled up on the couch with a pillow and

Lucy is an absolute joy to have in our lives.  She has gained
weight and is full of energy.  Lucy loves going to the park
and is phenomenal with other dogs and children.

Thank you for taking such good care of her and the
countless other pets.  We are thankful for your work

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy Holidays,
Kelly and Lucy 

Hello Heartland!
We've been singing your praises ever since we adopted our 1yo lab/terrier mix Tigr (formerly Dale) exactly one year ago. I will never forget the warmth that filled us when we came in late on a Wednesday night and the staff stayed behind to accommodate our schedule; as we were putting on the leash for the first time, Jenny said to her coworker "Dale is going home." Tom worked with us to match the perfect pet to our family and we couldn't be happier. I'm proud to say that after daily training, Tigr (renamed for obvious reasons) may very well be the best behaved dog on the block, provided you're holding a piece of salami in your hand. He found a devoted playmate in our 4yo daughter, and is soon to have two, when our toddler learns to walk. He has filled out in muscle and his markings are even more striking on his glossy coat. We love him dearly and once again thank Heartland for its expertise and devotion to pet-owning families.

Happy Holidays,
Mike, Diana, Anna, Julia & Tigr