How to Adopt a Forever Friend!

At Heartland Animal Shelter, we strive to find great matches between people and pets. Adoption applications are considered with the best interests of the animal in mind and should not be construed as any type of reflection upon the applicant. Heartland Animal Shelter reserves the right to refuse an adoption at any time. Thank you for considering adoption of a companion animal!

Requirements to Adopt:
  • 21 years of age or older with a valid government issued ID

  • Renters will be required to provide a current lease agreement stating that the species and/or breed of animal you are interested in adopting is permitted.  In lieu of a lease, the landlord's name and phone number may be given to shelter staff.

  • Condo owners may be required to provide the condo association's contact information.

  • If you currently or have previously owned a pet, you must provide vet records showing that your pet is current on vaccinations and/or the name and telephone number of your current or previous veterinarian as a vet reference. 

  • All family members, including your dog (excluding cats) must visit with an animal before it can be adopted.  This may be done during different visits to the shelter, but all members must come to meet a particular animal before it can go home. Your current dog is expected to be current on all vaccinations. There is always a risk when exposed to a shelter environment.

All animals are spay/neutered, de-wormed, current on vaccinations for their age and micro chipped prior to adoption.  If an animal has not been spayed/neutered or received its vaccinations at the time of adoption, the shelter may hold the animal until these services are performed.  The decision of whether or not to send an animal home is at the discretion of Heartland Animal Shelter. Decisions will be made based on the animal’s best interest. 

Steps to Adopt:
  • Please visit the shelter to meet all the wonderful adoptable pets. You may also see a pet online and start the adoption application process here by clicking on the adoption application links at the left or below, answering all the questions and then clicking the submit button which will send your completed adoption application to  

        Online Cat Adoption Application
        Online Dog Adotption Application

  • On the application, if you do not have a veterinarian reference, please bring or list the phone numbers of two personal references. These references should not be relatives.

  • Completely fill out an adoption application here online or feel free to complete in person with the assistance of an Adoption Counselor at our facility. 

  • Alternatively you can print a copy of the adoption application, answer all the questions completely and fax to us at 847-296-4198.  You may also choose to print the application, answer all the questions and bring the application with you when you visit the shelter.  

  • Adoptions may or may not happen on the same day depending upon the ability to check listed references.  Adoption approval may take several days.

  • Once approved for adoption, we will arrange a date and time with you to finalize the adoption and pick up your newly adopted companion animal.  

On the Day of Adoption: 
  • Please allow a minimum of 45 minutes to finalize the adoption process in order to review all necessary paperwork and instructions for your newest family member.  

  • Payment is made at the time you come to pick up your pet. Please note that we can only accept cash or credit cards.

  • Please bring your driver’s license or government issued ID 

  • When picking up your pet it may take up to one hour. Please do not bring family members on the day of pick up.  One person is all that is needed when picking up the pet.  

  • If you are adopting a dog, please bring a carrier and/or leash and choker collar with you to pick up your pet. 

  • If you are adopting a cat, you will be required to bring a carrier.

  • Animals are not deemed adopted until all paperwork has been processed, fees paid, the animal is released and the spay/neuter is complete. 

Adoption Fees (note - fees are subject to change per shelter management):

     Puppies (8 weeks) to 6 months    $350
     6 months to 7 years                    $250
     7 years and up                            $150

Please note, Heartland requires that young kittens under 5 months be adopted in pairs unless you have an existing kitten or young cat at home. This policy is not to increase adoptions; rather this ensures that the kittens we rescue are adopted into homes that offer the best possible environment for their social development.

     Kittens up to 5 months                $125
     Pair of kittens                             $200
     5 months to 10 years                   $100
    10 years and up                             $75

Adoption fees cover: Up to date shots/vaccinations for the pet's age, deworming, Heartworm test (dogs over 6 months), FIV/FeLeuk test(cats), microchip, spay/neuter and includes a free vet exam within 2 weeks after adoption. All animals are spayed or neutered before adoption.

* Please know that when you adopt an animal from the Heartland Animal Shelter, you are not "buying" that animal rather you are paying for all of the time, effort, medical care, and behavioral evaluation that is given to that animal so that he/she can become a healthy, happy family member. Puppies and kittens especially require lots of attention from early socializing to foster family care to frequent vaccinations. 

* Please note there’s no such thing as a “free pet.” Medical procedures performed by the animal shelter would cost well over $300 at an animal hospital.

Heartland Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter and a Non-profit, 501 c 3 organization. We depend on your donations in order to rescue more pets from ill fate as well care for our current pets. 

Adoption fees are based on the cost to administer shots,vaccinations, medications, microchips and spay and neuter rescued pets. We can only help our current pets and future pets when additional donations are made. As a private shelter, Heartland operates with income provided by adoption fees and donations from the public. We receive no government funding.