We adopted Herbie (now known as Oliver), Raspberry (now known as Taz), and Mulberry (known as Buffy) this past August. They are all siblings from the same litter. After Buffy passed away from fip in December, the brothers got closer than ever before. They love running around chasing each other and sharing food. But their favorite thing to do is curl up together and nap. Thank you Heartland for bringing these kittens into our lives! They fill our days with a lot of laughter. We all love them so much.

My family and I adopted Brewno in October of 2011.  Since the day we brought him home, he has been wonderful! He instantly fit into the family, and made himself right at home, even going as far as sleeping in our beds. We are so grateful for Heartland Animal Shelter because they gave us an opportunity to adopt such an amazing little boy.  We plan on stopping by the shelter in the future so Brewno can visit some of his old friends!

Brewno?s Family
Here are some pictures of Bentley (formerly Maximillion).  He is such a character.  He LOVES it outside.  Chases anything that flies.  He is a happy puppy and we love him dearly. 
Thank you.

Hi Heartland!
I wanted to update you on how Hoover is doing in his new home. After a week of adjustment,
his personality began to shine through! His is a quiet, friendly, affectionate dog and I'm so glad
I was able to take him home. He likes to follow me around the apartment and will always find a
comfortable spot to lay down near me, especially on anything with my scent. He always knows
when it is bedtime and will go into the bedroom to lay in his bed and wait for me. He loves getting
into the car and quietly waits to see what fun place we end up at. He has been having a little
anxiety when I leave him but he is getting better everyday, especially if someone else is around to
distract him with a bone or outside adventure. I think he may have been a squirrel hunter in his
past! My friends and family love him and he fits right in.

Thanks for giving me a chance to give Hoover a happy home!

Scooby is doing very well in his new home!  He has a new best friend named Sammy!  Sammy and Scooby are both very happy!  Their dad says they are two peas in a pod!

Hi all!  just wanted to send some pix of Greta (previously Robin).  She is really enjoying her new
home and family in wilmette.  We've had lots of fun adventures already and have all fallen head
over heels for her!  Thanks so much for taking such good care of her before we adopted her. 
She is the best!

the Hirschle family

Here are some pictures of Kalvin we received from his new mom.  Kevin is
doing so wonderful in his new home!  Kalvin loves getting hugs!  Kalvin wants
us to know that he is very much loved and is treated like a little baby!

Here are some pictures of Rufus (formerly Trudeau) and Rose (formerly Kimmie).  Rose
is featured as the first pet on the Heartland website Banner.  Rufus was adopted in 2008
and Rose was adopted in 2009.  Both Rose and Rufus are wonderful.  We also have three
cats.  One of the cats, Myra, does not like it when they are noisy,  and will go swat them
to be quiet.  I don't think the dogs are even aware she is doing that.  They both weigh 70
pounds each, and she weighs maybe 11 pounds.

Anyway, everyone gets along fine, we are all healthy and happy.
Thank you for all you do.

Hello to everyone at Heartland!
It's hard to believe it's been a whole year since Sally joined our family! She really is a joy and she
makes us laugh because she is always full of surprises. She is incredibly sweet and loving,
wonderful and gentle with kids, and also a bit mischievous, so she keeps us on our toes. She is a
contortionist; she stretches and bends into some of the strangest positions,including jumping on
the couch and going immediately into a somersault so she lands perfectly positioned for a belly
rub! She runs incredibly fast, thanks to the whippet in her. Sally has a strange fascination with
seashells and starfish. Although we now keep them out of reach, while she never chewed on
them, she used to like to pick just one out of several collections about the house, and take it to
bed with her at night! (She has a bed in our bedroom near our bed.) Her favorite things to do are
run and cuddle, preferable in someone's lap or right next to them, no matter how hot it is!

At her annual vet appointment a couple of weeks ago, Sally weighed in at 36 pounds, where she
has been for a while; it's a perfect size for us.  Our little "whipador" has the sturdy body of a
labrador, with the deep ribcage, big hind leg/hip muscles, and curved tail of a whippet. She has
the nose of a lab, meaning it's always into everything! She has the eyes of a whippet, meaning
she misses nothing! 

Being a quick learner, Sally only needed a firm no once or twice and she got it; she housebroke
very quickly and quickly learned not to chew on the furniture. We crate trained her for
housebreaking and crated her while we we out. However, we got reports of howling, which
fortunately would last only for the first 10 minutes or so after we'd leave, according to the very
understanding neighbors. She also chewed through every bed, towel, or blanket we tried in the
crate, so she wound up in a bare crate with just some chew toys and water; she never touched
the chew toys until we got home, though, for reasons we never figured out. After a few months,
when we felt Sally was ready, we weaned her off of the crate, which took care of the howling and
most of the chewing!  She still does surprise us every once in a while with something chewed up;
her material of choice is still fabric, and fortunately, it occurs rarely.  She usually is happy with
kongs and toys stuffed with treats and peanut butter, and a good nap on her blanket on the couch.
When we are home, she is very well behaved.  While a fast learner, she sometimes  is a little
stubborn; she responds  well to lots of positive reinforcement, mainly in the form of treats.
She heels, stays for 5 minutes, comes, does various tricks, and  usually learns new things quickly.
We are still working on overenthusiastic greeting of people and dogs; she loves everyone. Once
she greets them she immediately calms down, and she sits right away for people who do as I
request and don't pay her any attention until she sits; unfortunately there is the occasional
person who insists on petting her while she is jumping all over the place, so we continue to work
on this. ( and the people, too!) 

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful work you do to help take care of these special animals
and match them with their forever families; you perform a valuable service to both the animals
and to those of us who are blessed to have them in our lives.

Allce Kecseg

Here are some pics of Janey (Squash).  She's great.  She fits into our family so well & she seems pretty happy.  She gets along really well with her new sisters, Abby and Bonnie (fka Sweetie).

We love her.
Thanks for all your help.


Vega, formerly known as Tynie,  came from the Heartland  on 5/31/12. At that time we had  only seen a glimpse of his big personality and the huge heart that was wrapped up inside his very small physique. It was still enough to take him home. Now that he?s here and settling into the family we can?t get enough of this delightfully kind and generous little dog. He love everyone he meets old or young. He has loves to play both indoors and out. Frankly, all he really wants is to be told how much he?s loved.

When we tell people that we got him from the Shelter they tend to say ?He?s really lucky?. I say ?We?re the lucky ones?.  And as you can see, he lives quite the charmed life.  Thanks again to Heartland for being there to save him from what could have been disaster.


Hello Heartland!
We know how much Almond Joy (AJ) meant to everyone there and wanted to send an update.

From the moment he walked in our front door last November, AJ instantly made himself at home. 
He ran around the house, sniffed our cat Moe, and then hopped up on the couch to take a nap.  He loves playing with our other dog Whiskey, gets a kick out of chasing Moe around the house, and insists on snuggling up with us on the couch or in bed each night.  He is such a wonderful dog and we are lucky to have him in our family.

Thank you for taking such good care of him!  Your staff members are a wonderful group of caring and kind people and we wish you all the best.

Thanks again,  Mike and Lisa

Here's my story on Charlie (and photos too!) - he is a super super dog!

I was lucky enough to adopt Charlie (aka Tully) in February of this year, and thought
I would fill you in on his activities.  I can certainly say he is quite the character -
there is never a dull moment!  He adores going for his walks (he gets at least three
each day) - you only have to look at his leash and he is prancing to go.  And he also
now is enjoying his yard - it took some getting used to and he originally stayed
close, but now he has made it his and patrols the perimeter periodically to keep it
safe from critters - or simply lies on the porch enjoying the morning sun.  On the
activity front, I also discovered he is quite the jumper - I first saw it when in one
bound he jumped onto the top of the washing machine.  And then he decided why
not the kitchen counter too??  We are working on that one!

He also apparently believes that the furniture is his and merely allows me to use it
on occasion (there are some battles not worth fighting!). Bedtime used to be the
biggest challenge to get some part of the bed - as you can see from the picture he
settles into pillows.  I thought if I threw the comforter over him he'd move but
noooo, just made himself more comfy.  But we have now reached a pact - he gets
his pets and then off to his own side (and pillows.). Guess he is a bit spoiled, but
such a lovable, cuddly, wonderful companion!

He still has a pretty good case of separation anxiety - if I go out he runs from
window to window to watch and leaps when I return.   But that is slowly (oh so
slowly) improving.  I guess after being at Heartland for some nine months and a
previous (kill) shelter for at least six months before that he is having trouble getting
used to the idea that he has his permanent home and won't be
abandoned!!!  Thank goodness for your guys rescuing him from his earlier
shelter and what a great dog you have nurtured!  He is friendly, cuddly and
just so funny - he is kind of a clumsy oaf that just barrels around, wagging
his tail and smiling the whole time! 

Thanks for letting Charlie join me!!

Dear Tom, all wonderful Heartland animal lovers, and caregivers of the animal shelter,

First of all, I want to thank you Tom, for all of your time, patience, and kindness.  You
made us feel so comfortable, and Charlie was so calm and relaxed with you as well.

We can't tell you how much we are enjoying our new addition to our family, Charlie (Ray
formally).  He has certainly fit in well with all of our felines and loves to play with his
doggie sister, Anna.  Charlie is loved and cared for very well.  He already has seen an
ophthalmologist vet, and is getting his teeth cleaned next week.  He has warmed the
hearts of everyone that has met him, and he is so happy!  SO ARE WE!

Thanks again for all of your great care of Charlie and all of the animals you care for.  We
have attached some photos for you to see how well Charlie loves his new home.  :)

RIch, Lorri, Anna doggie, Charlie doggie, and our felines - Nemo, Dori, Ashlee,
Hemmie, Sammie, and Topher!

Beautiful Prada is now named Megan.  Here are some pictures of Princess Megan in her new castle!

Hello to everyone at Heartland Animal Shelter. I wanted to give you an update on Eliza, who we adopted in March of 2011. She loves hanging with her brother Niņo and adores her people. Though she still takes a while to warm up to human strangers, she has come a long way, and is friendly to every dog she meets. She is one of the happiest dogs I've ever met. Thanks for taking such good care of her at Heartland!
The Vargas Family

Thank you all so much for the wonderful addition to our family.  We have attached 2 photos to share (dog day)  The facility and staff did a great job with Chip (Gary).  He is a perfect fit for use. Easy to handle, well behaved and knows a lot of commands. I am positive this is all due to the outstanding staff and volunteers.

Wish you all health and happiness, The Chiappy Family
Hi, Just wanted to share some pictures with you and give you an update on ?Zoe?
aka. Ziggy.  We all seem to be doing well
Sam Garcia

Hello there,
I adopted a kitten from you in the fall of 2009. At the time his name was Roxy.
He goes by Anthony now(alias....Tony the Tiger).  I will send a couple of pictures
of Anthony now, along with his sister Mia Sprinkles.

Thank you,
Lee Newhart

It will be three weeks tomorrow since I went home with my mom.  Just
wanted to give you an update.  I am doing great!  My mom really loves me.  I
am so totally spoiled.  I have more toys than I know what to do with and have
gained a little over a pound.  On days when it is not too hot we go for walks in
the morning and evening.  I have learned how to play fetch and we do that a
lot.  I have convinced mom that she needs protection so I sleep on the bed
with her at night.  I also was to visit my new vet and he said I am a healthy
boy.  Mom also took me in for an oatmeal bath and to have my nails clipped. 
I am not crazy about it but if I have to - I have to.  Don't worry about me I am
doing well. 

Nero (AKA Aidan)

Well, it's been 2 months since I went home with my new mommy and daddy. I have been having a great time running in the backyard, swimming in my pool, and playing games with mom and dad. Mom thinks daddy is watering me with miracle grow since I have grown so much since I came home. I started school last week and have made lots of friends. But, I do miss everyone that took such good care of me while I was there waiting for my mommy and daddy to adopt me. I'm hoping we will be able to stop by and visit sometime soon. Your furry friend, Bella

Hi all,
I adopted Lucie a year ago. If anyone remembers her, I wanted them to know
she is a happy, healthy, darling little girl.  I attached a pix of her watching the
bees flitting about the yard (she loves insects).

I know it fills your hearts to find a happy forever home for your animal orphans.

Lucie is very special...so smart and obedient...and very loving.

I hope new homes are coming soon for all your charges.

All my best,
Marlene & Lucie Lu

There it is!  Kozak, adopted in March 2012! Look
how he grow!  So happy little boy :)

Happy Tails!
Turczynski Family

I just wanted to quickly give you guys and update on my beautiful Nala (previously known as Millie), who became a wonderful addition to my family on March 17, 2012.  Nala has settled in with me and my other cat Chloe.  Nala is an orange bundle of sweetness!  When I started her with my regular vet, they determined that she had food allergies so she was put on a limited diet, but she has responded well.  Unfortunately, shortly after Nala became a member of the family Chloe was diagnosed with mammary gland cancer.  Nala provided both me and Chloe with comfort that we needed through the treatments.  She was great with Chloe!  She gave Chloe comfort when needed and space when needed.  She even grooms Chloe.  Nala is an amazing cat and I am extremely gratefully for her presence in my life!  I have attached some photos of her.  When I first adopted her the vet next door to your facility noted that the patches of fur she was missing was likely related to stress.  I assume Nala likes being with us too because her fur has completely filled in.  I just wanted you guys to know that she was well.  I know that you guys care about the animals and want to know that they are in good homes and Nala is.  She is a blessing for me.

Thank you!
Meriel, Chloe, and Nala

Dear Heartland folks,

We will have had Zachary for two years this October.  He is the sweetest pooch, and
we are so grateful that he became part of our family.  He is laid back indoors, and
quite rambunctious (to put it nicely) outdoors.  Here is a photo of him "babysitting"
for our little neighbor, Mairead.  He stayed by her the whole time she slept.


I hope you remember this sweet little kitty that was at Heartland for about a month or so
in early 2010.  You may not recognize her from the picture attached (she looks a little
different now than she did then), but I think you will remember Ginger's story (a/k/a Goldy)
from her long journey and flight home from Chicago to Maryland.

When she left Heartland, she was only about 8 months old and boy did she have a LOT of
kitten energy.  Trust me, she still has plenty of energy and loves to play, but she is also the
most loving and sweet companion we could have ever asked for.  It is often said that a
picture is worth a thousand words.  I think you will agree that the attached picture speaks
volumes.  She is happy and healthy and lives a wonderful life.  She spends her days looking
out windows and is fascinated by the movement in the outside world.  And when she isn't
occupied by nature, she keeps busy by playing with the two other cats that live with her at
home.  During the summer, she spends her weekends with us in Ocean City, Maryland.  She
loves to sit on the balcony and watch the wildlife on the beach. And there are a couple of
birds who have become quite fascinated with her.  They spot her outside and make it a
point to come visit from the safety of the railing, just out of harm's way but close enough to let her know that they are there.   

Joe and I often talk about that Saturday in late April when we made the trip to Chicago to bring her home.  Lots of people said we were crazy to go that far to get a cat from a shelter.  The only thing I can say is that she is a wonderful cat with tons and tons of personality who brings us more happiness than we could ever ask for. I think we would have traveled to just about anywhere for her.   

Thanks for allowing her to come live with us. This is one Heartland adoption that definitely goes in the success category.  And thanks for all that you do for all the rescues to help them find their "forever home". I am sure that it's the stories like Ginger's that make it all worthwhile. 

Best regards,
Nancy Eichhorn 
Millersville, MD

It's been a year since Zeus came home. He is such a joy to have. We get comments on our walks and runs every day about how well behaved he is. Most people are shocked when we tell them he was a shelter dog. We try to show everyone that a rough beginning does not mean you can't have the best behaved dog. I watch your site often for a sibling for him. We are all so lucky to have been matched together at Heartland. He and the cats even get along now. 

Thanks again!
Fortini Family


       adoption day                                       5 years later                                                      with his kitty brother

I adopted a kitten from you about 5 years ago and looking at your site recently it occurred to me you may not get any follow up emails after a long period of time has passed. I adopted a 4 month old gray tabby kitten named Speck, we renamed him Hester, but he is now lovingly referred to as 'little kitty'. He, along with our other cat Rex, are truly loved members of our family. We have a 3 year old son that little kitty loves more than anything and we are so glad we came to your shelter on the day we did, and picked the kitten we picked. Just thought you might like to know the baby you entrusted to us so many years ago is happy in his furever home. He sleeps in bed and gives more kisses than any other cat (or dog) I have known. His favorite place to lay (when not on my pillow) is in front of the TV stretching only when something good is about to happen on the TV.... lol. I attached a couple pictures :)

Thank you for giving us our 'little kitty'
The Beason Family

                                                                                                                                                   in his favorite pajama drawer!    

After a few weeks Gus has adjusted very well to his new home, in fact he has adjusted so well that he thinks its his home and he allows the rest of us including his new brother Charley and 2 new sisters Windy and Whisper, to live here with him! He is allowed outside once in a while. On one of his outings he met the next door neighbor by walking through their garage and right into their house! He is quite a social butterfly, we watch him a little closer now when he ventures out. He likes to sleep in my husbands closet, nestled in his shirts on  top of his dresser and he also like to drag our clothes out of the closet and leave them in the middle of the floor. We havent quite figured out why he does this but we're sure it has to do with wanting more attention, or perhaps to say "Gus was here". The 2 sisters still hiss at him when he walks too close but they are getting used to him. According to him, this is his world and he allows the rest of us to live in it!! He has become a cherished part of our family.

Hi, Thought you would like a little update on my beautiful calico Tasha
(ne Judy) who I adopted @6 months ago. Tasha is doing great and LOVES to
hang out on my sunporch and watch the birds and squirrels. She has actually
learned to ring bells when she wants to go out there. She got the hang of it
by watching my dog do it and me encouraging her. How cool is that?!

We are so grateful for Towby coming into our lives. He has been such a joy since we brought him home.  Here are some pictures of Towby relaxing.

I would like to share a story with you about Babee. I have been taking Babee for a squirrels
walking right in front of her does not bother her at all, doesn't even give any of them the
time of day.  Wed. night we were in the back yard and she was sitting between me and my
girlfriend. Lights were on in the backyard but only half the backyard is lit up.  Now mind
you nothing bothers this dog. Well, tonight she played roadrunner.  Took off like a bat out
of hell and attacked. Too bad for her it was a skunk.  Yes, a skunk.  Babee got her first
skunking.  10:30 at night we were outside deskunking Babee.  She was the 2nd best dog I
Have had to get deskunked. Stood in one place and took her bath and rinsing without
moving an inch. I was freezing and so was she.  Whoever trained this dog did a wonderful
job.  I have caged her only 2 hours since I have had her. The house is now hers.  She got
her first groom Thursday and that was the first day I heard her bark since I have had her.
Just glad she speaks.  Her first vet visit will be Thursday.  She has gained a pound or two
but she looks good and happy.  She has already fell into my routine for work.  This dog is
great and everybody who has met her says the same. 

You people did a wonderful job taking care of her.  She is mine now for good. Thank all of
you for filling a void in my life.  Just think her first Christmas with me and my family and
she will get lots of gifts!

PS. She almost caught the Frisbee in the air!  I know she can do it!

Hello Heartland,

Now that a year has past, I wanted to give you an updated photo of Sophie and
Monkey (you know them as Spooky and Denali) doing what they love the most --
watching chipmunks.  They're doing great and we're still loving every day with

Thank you for allowing us to adopt them.

Lisa & John G.

Hi there,
We saw a staff member from your shelter at March Animal Hospital's Open House this
past weekend, and she told us to email you some updated pictures of Caesar, or as you
knew him at your shelter, Pupperoni. My grandma adopted him about 2.5 years ago,
which has flew by. He is doing great, we just love him. He adores his brother, Charlie,
who is ourother chihuahua, and he is just a year older. Even though Caesar only weighs
3 pounds, he sure does have a big presence in our house. I hope you enjoy the pictures
as much as we enjoy him.

Muriel & Jennifer

Hi All,
It has been almost exactly one year since I adopted Buddy (the
cocker spaniel formerly known as "Norris")from Heartland.  He is
featured on your BEFORE/AFTER pages as he came to the shelter
in pretty bad shape.  I thought I would send along a few more
AFTER pics and let you know that he is doing well and is deeply
loved.  We had a very dark time in May when Bud escaped out an
open gate and was hit by a car.  He had his rear leg amputated
and is now an official "Tripawd."  It has not slowed him down one
bit...he races around with his sister Lucy and loves to go on
walks to meet people.  The best part is, he is a local hero of
sorts around here, for his great courage and determination to
survive...again!  Thanks for allowing me to care for him.  He has taught me so much about love.

Buds Mom

Greetings to all my Heartland friends.  My name is Missy, known at Heartland as Mau Mau.  I wanted to check in with all my friends and tell them how happy I am living in Glenview with my new Mom.  Her daughter is one of many of Heartland's cat volunteers and introduced us. 
Love, Missy

My name is Daniel and I adopted an Australian Shepard mix named Griffin back in July of 2012.  At that time he was 7 months 18 days and acted just like a 7 month old should.  He is now 11 months old and acts just as a 7 month old should...I tease.  I have changed his name to "Roodee" which is a spoof off his recently passed brothers nickname "roodoo", and Roodee is almost a perfectly behaved dog.  He is eager to please and loves to learn new tricks.  Shaking, and healing are his most recent tricks, which is a lot considering he has 2 older male Huskies to compete with.  Roodee has not grown much since I adopted him, he is still a meager 30 pounds, but he is all muscle.  We have learned to roller blade with the younger Husky Yukon.  They run and I roll more than 20 miles a week throughout Boulder, Co and they get super excited when the harnesses come out.  Roodee has also been on top of James Peak which is mountain peak over 13,000' in my backyard, ok ok a 5 minute drive to the trail-head  and a 4 hour hike up.  We live on nearly 100 acres of national forest and Roodee expects to explore every inch of the forest.  Currently we are 2 hours away from our first snow storm of the season. We are expecting over a half foot in the mountains, and I bet Roodee remembers just how to bury his head. 

Thanks for all your help in adopting Roodee.

Hello to all my Heartland friends!  You might remember me.  I was a guest at Heartland for almost six months before I was adopted. Before that, I was in another shelter for two months!!  I don't know what it was about me that captured my mistress' eye, but I am SO HAPPY in my new fur-ever home!  I get to play in a big yard with my BIG canine house mate. We have a lot in common because he was also adopted four years ago. I can't believe all the freedom I enjoy here. Yummy meals and plenty of treats when I come in from playing outdoors. I am doing well at learning the routine in my new home. I'm still a work in progress when it comes to the old feline member of the house. I find him quite interesting, but my mistress says we have to be introduced slowly. We don't want any CATastrophes around here! 

My sincere thanks to Heartland for not giving up on me. I am over the moon in my new home!!!!

Your friend, Dakotah

Hola and Saludos!
Pumpkin (Paisley) and Daisy (Tinna) wanted to let all their friends at Heartland know how well they are doing in their new home in Santa Fe! They have both settled in really well, although I am sure they would not like to repeat the plane flight from Chicago.

During the Fall, we had multiple birds nests outside on our porches, which provided many hours of lively entertainment. Now that winter has come, they have both discovered the joys of radiant heat from the floors, and can be found sprawled out around the house most of the time. Pumpkin has become quite the cuddle bunny, and is especially attached to Rosey our dog. Daisy, who was such a quiet little thing, is incredibly talkative. I have had many long conversations with her. She is becoming bolder and bolder as time goes on, and likes nothing better than to curl up on a warm lap and nap away the hours.

Thank you guys for all the wonderful things you do! I miss Heartland and all my friends (furry and non-furry) ? best to all!
Linda Factor

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I adopted Martie from Heartland last June.  I'm attaching two photos of Martie with my two grandchildren, Josiah, 4 and Beatris, 15 months.   They absolutely adore him.  He is the best dog, he puts up with a lot when I visit the grandkids, but also in my condo.   He does not get on my furniture, he lets me know when he has to go out, he's just the perfect pet.

Thank you for allowing me to adopt him.   We all love him dearly.

Stella and Martie

Dear Heartland,
Bobby Boy is doing very well in his new
home.  He mostly hid under the bed for
the first couple of days, but he would
come out and let us pet him when we
came to see him. Now he is very
comfortable with us.  He is helping me
send you this email.  He is eating well,
has found his litter box, and playing
with his toys.   We love having him. 
Thank you for finding him for us.

Best wishes,
Mary and Dan

We are the Rodriguez family that adopted Silver on the 12th of June 2012.  Gaby,
our 10 year old daughter had wanted a dog for the longest time.  We found out
about Heartland Animal Shelter from a family friend last spring.  Gaby went onto the
website and found Silver.  From the moment she saw Silver's picture on the website
she knew she wanted to add Silver to our family.  We decided to come and "look"
on a Sunday.  We were shown towards the kennels.  As we made our way through
the kennels we did not see Silver.  Gaby became very sad because she thought that
Silver had been adopted.  We then asked one of the volunteers for Silver by her

Well, Silver was special and therefore she was an office doggie.  We were asked to
wait while they brought her out.  We spent a good hour with Silver that day.  We
fell in love with her.  We took home an adoption form.  We filled out the form
on-line that same night.  Two days later we stopped in to pick her up and bring her
home.  She's been such a wonderful addition to our family.  She loves her new
forever home.  She was immediately adopted by our two domestic short hair cats
Boggie and Roxy (our cats are also shelter cats).

Silver now enjoys napping on the sofa, stealing our slippers and socks, and enjoys
all the kisses and belly rubs we give her.  We are now a big loving family.  We have
been meaning to send you pictures for a long time.   Attached please find some
pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Sincerely yours,
Rodriguez family

I wanted to let you know how Wriggles is doing.
Well, he is doing much better! He is off of all the pain meds, I have been swimming him
every other day, and will continue to do so for a few more weeks. He really loves to
swim!  I have attached a few photos of Wriggs with his sisters Zoe (Puggle) and Millie.
We are so happy to have him in our pack!!!

Take care,

My husband Jim and I adopted Daisy this past July, shortly after she returned from
maternity leave.  We are so happy to share our home with Daisy and I believe she is very
happy.  She's such a sweet and loving little dog and she loves to sit on any lap that
happens to be available.

I'm sending you pictures of Daisy doing some of her favorite things.

Thank you Heartland for doing such a great job.
Jim & Kathy

Bobo (known as Balboa while at Heartland) was adopted about a month ago.  He is
coming along great.  He needs much love and training still but is a smart pup so it will
happen soon enough.  Bobo loves his big brother.  They sit together often and play
together outside.  Harp (the great dane mix) was also a shelter dog I adopted 7 years
ago.  He loves his new brother and gets very protective of him when strangers or other
dogs come near.  Harp will step infront of him to protect and bark like crazy.  Bobo is a
great addition to the family.  He is becoming a confident little boy and patrols the
house/yard with his big brother in tow.  He has won the puppy lottery here and once
we get him situated and settled you will see us back again.  We have a lot of love and
home to share still. 

His stocking is proudly hanging on the fireplace for Christmas.

Thank you for all your help and giving us the happiness of Bobo in our lives. 
Hi!  Sox (Bootsie) is doing really well it's taking some time but she is coming along
really nicely. I made this yellow bed for her And she loves it! We will send more
pictures later.

Click here to watch a video of Sox at home

Dear Heartland - I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life and for making it possible for me to find my forever family.  I found myself at Heartland with my mommy (Emerie) and brother (Barney)  in early January of this year. If you ever hear from either of them, please let them know that I am doing really well.    I hope that my mom and brother are as happy in their forever homes as  I am in mine! 

Thanks to you, by early February I was with my new family.  I think I will keep them because right now I have them pretty well trained.  I have a mom, dad, two brothers and a sister. In fact, my big brother, Chris, became a Heartland volunteer this fall.  It doesn't make me jealous because he always gives me lots of love when he comes home from the shelter and tells me all about the dogs he walks. He promised me that some day he is going to bring me back to the shelter to see everybody but just for a visit!

Lord only knows where I was this time last year.  I am excited about my first Christmas at home with my family.  They have a big tree with lots of presents and I think some of them may be for me! Anyway, I wanted to wish all the volunteers a Merry Christmas. Thank you for all that you do.

Chelsea (formerly known as Babette),
Mike, Susan, Bit, Chris, and Bug

To the wonderful staff at Heartland! We just wanted to send you an update on how our
furry baby has been doing. We adopted Jumping Jack (now simply "Jack") in the summer of
2011. We came to the shelter without any expectations and we saw docile and affectionate
Jack, with those adoring big brown eyes. He was very mellow at the time and extremely
submissive. We wondered how he got the name Jumping Jack to begin with. Since we
had a senior mini dachshund at home, we needed to see how the two would interact.
Luckily there was no drama between the two, but Jack and our doxie, E2, showed little
interest in each other. We chose to foster him for a week to decide if he was a good
match, but it only took us a couple days to figure out he was meant to be in our family.

Little did we know that there was more to Jack than meets the eye! We discovered
later on that when we first saw him, he was getting over a sickness AND was recently
neutered. No wonder he was so docile! But in reality, he is a rambunctious fellow always
looking forward to walks, tearing apart any squeaky toy, and of course chasing squirrels!
He and E2 distanced themselves at first, but it didn't take them long to become good

Eventually, we became pregnant and expected a baby of our own. We were nervous
about the time when we would bring our son home, especially with Jack. However as
active as Jack is, he is very loving though slightly clumsy with him. Many times he'll walk up and lick our 9-month-old's face to our son's amusement!

We are so thankful to the caring and compassionate staff at Heartland Shelter. We're grateful to have a loving pup like Jack bring joy to our lives!

Happy Holidays from The Talbots!