Ashah is a pretty 3-year-old pewter grey girl who came to Heartland 
from DuPage County where she was found wandering the streets. Ashah 
is very docile and laid back. This sweet girl would probably thrive in a 
quieter environment. We don't know much about her past, but we can 
see into Ashah's future and it includes big picture windows, a loving 
family, lots of toys and plenty of spots for cat naps. Ashah can often 
be found near the front of the cat room or in a cozy kitty condo near 
the patio. That's the best spot for watching wildlife!

Click here to watch a cute video of Ashah!


Frekkles is an adorable little character who will keep you 
entertained for hours. She is a 4-year-old brown tabby who 
was born in 2012. Our animal control officer found Frekkles 
wandering the streets of Northbrook, and after no one claimed 
her, Frekkles became a Heartland resident. She is spunky, 
funny, feisty and sweet, often at the same time. Frekkles loves 
to play, but she loves to watch the wildlife outside even more. 
Frekkles will make a wonderful companion. All she needs is a 
window, comfy bed, fun toys, good food, fresh water, litter 
and you

​​Click here to see a video of Frekkles!


Featured Pets - Below are a few of our special Dogs & Cats that are currently available for adoption.  A more complete listing of available pets along with their biographies can be found on the 'Our Pets' page.  

                                                        If Heartland had a yearbook Blade would definitely win Best Smile! 
                                                        Blade has this unique habit of showing all his teeth to show he's happy 
                                                        and he can even do it with the command "Smile"! Some might mistake 
                                                        this for a sign of aggression but some dogs do smile, and Blade is one 
                                                        of them! It's the cutest thing ever. Blade is approximately 6 years old 
                                                        and weighs right around 40 pounds. Blade came to Heartland all the 
                                                        way from Miami and he certainly had a tough life before we got him. 
                                                        Blade has scars on his side and stomach, and he also does not like to 
                                                        be touched around the neck or back end if he does not know you. 
                                                        Blade does not like most other dogs and will attempt to pull towards 
                                                        them on walks, but with his new harness on he is very responsive to 
                                                        his walker's direction. Other than that Blade is very well leash-
                                                        trained, and knows his commands well. He's very treat motivated 
                                                        which makes him even easier to train! When Blade accepts you into
                                                        his heart all he wants is to smile for you, give kisses, and try to sit on 
                                                        your lap. Because Blade has been mistreated in the past, he needs an 
                                                        owner who will understand his issues and give him time to adjust. 
                                                        Please open your heart to this deserving dog.  


Mitchel is a real sweetheart! He is a very smart 1-year-old all white Chihuahua mix and weighs 14 pounds. We are happy to help this sweet boy find his happily-ever-after home! Mitchel is unsure of his surroundings while in the kennel, but when he gets out for some quality time with his volunteer friends, he cheers right up and loves getting attention. He is a little nervous around some new people, but warms up quickly. He gets along well with the other dogs. Mitchel is very cute and very very sweet! Once he knows you, you will have a best friend for life! If you are looking for a sweet little dog, please hurry in to Heartland Animal Shelter to meet Mitchel today!


Hunny is one honey of a cat! This lucky calico is a former Hoosier who came to Heartland when her shelter in Indiana closed. She adjusted quickly and made lots of human and feline friends. 6-year-old Hunny is a sweet, gentle cat who is laid-back and loving. You may find her near the front of the cat room when you visit. She knows her forever family will walk through the door one of these days! If you don't see Hunny near the front of the cat room, she is either watching the wildlife outside or curled up in a comfy bed taking one of her many daily naps. Ask an adoption counselor to introduce you. Hunny is one of the sweetest calicos we have ever had at Heartland. She will make a fabulous companion.  Click here to watch a short video of Hunny!
We just love Ashe! He has the most expressive eyes, and with his big black shiny nose he kind of looks like a cartoon dog! Ashe came from a pound in Kentucky and we were able to save him in the nick of time before he was to be euthanized. He is friendly with some dogs but not all. He is better with the dogs outside as he seems to have some anxiety in the shelter, and outside he is more at ease. Ashe is friendly with all people, but more shy around men especially big tall guys. But he is super sweet and loves to walk and hang out outside. He is very good about holding it until he goes outside and then pretty much always does his business right away. He loves his volunteer friends and will put his paws in your lap while you give him butt scratches. Please come meet Ashe today and give him a chance to show you what a great dog he is.

Click here to check out this great video of Ashe!