A big Heartland Thank You to all of the Heartland Sponsors!
A BIG Heartland Thank You to Girl Scout Troup #40937!!

Heartland is fortunate to have special friends like the girls of Girl Scout Troup 40937!!  These special friends  brought in many generous donations for Heartland and took a tour of the shelter!!

Thank you to each of you for your help!!  Our pets say meow and woof!!  Your help will keep our pets happy, healthy, and safe until they find their happy forever homes!!  

A Special Heartland Thank You to Whole Foods in Northbrook!!

A special thank you to our friends and supporters at Whole Foods in Northbrook for inviting Heartland to particpate in this year's Earth Day celebration!!  We always have so much fun spending the day with friends and meeting new friends!!

Thank You & Happy Birthday to Brenna & Erin!

Heartland is so lucky to have such wonderful young friends like Brenna & Erin!!  Brenna and Erin decided to share their birthdays with Heartland's pets, and collected much needed donations!

Brenna and Erin, our dogs and cats send purrs and doggie kisses to thank you!!  It's friends like you that help Heartland continue to find loving forever homes for Homeless pets!  Happy Birthday!!  
A Special Heartland Thank you to Rich Jablonski, Chicago Cares, & 
Discover Customer Risk Management and Assistance!!

Special thanks go out to Rich Jablonski, Chicago Cares, and Discover Customer Risk Management and Assistance for including Heartland in their joint volunteer summit held today at the Lake County Fair Grounds. Approximately 300 people showed up to make various items to donate to community organizations including making beds and toys for Heartland’s pets!! Heartland is very grateful for being invited to such a great event!

A Very Big Thank You to Casey W.!

Heartland is so lucky to have wonderful friends like Casey W.  Casey held a car wash to benefit Heartland Animal Shelter and raised over $200!!  Wow!

Thank you Casey!!  It's friends like you that help Heartland give deserving pets a second chance!
A Big Heartland Thank You to Astellas Pharma US Inc. in Northbrook!


A very special holiday thank you to our friends at Astellas Pharma US Inc. in Northbrook.  They held a holiday donation drive for Heartland Animal Shelter!  They raised $500 in cash and gift cards, and collected 420 pounds of dog treats, over 53 pounds of dry cat food, over 170 pounds of wet cat food and 28 pounds of dry dog food!!  They did such an outstanding job that Heartland’s sleigh had a flat tire on the way back to the shelter!!  :)

Thank you Astellas Pharma US!!  It is friends like you that make it possible for Heartland to continue to save and find forever loving homes for deserving pets!

Thank you, Meow, Woof, and Happy Birthday to Elizabeth! 

We would like to send a special thank you to a wonderful 8 year old who shared her birthday with Heartland's furry pets!  Elizabeth collected donations for Heartland's pets during her birthday party.  Here is a cute picture of Elizabeth when she came to drop off her donations, take a tour of the shelter, and meet the pets she is helping!!

"Meow and Woof Elizabeth!!  Your donations will help us stay safe and happy until we find our forever homes!!" ~  from your furry friends

A Big Heartland Thank You to our Friends at Rush Performance in Arlington Heights!

Heartland sends a big Thank You to Rush Performance in Arlington Heights for hosting a Charity Workout for Heartland!  What a great idea!

A special thank you to Karen Lauer for referring Heartland, and to RUSH Coaches AJ, Stephanie, and Ria; Pulsation Yoga Instructor Jim; and Pure Juice Cafe Owner Paulina who all donated their time and talents for this event. Heartland is lucky to have friends like you! 

A Big Thank You & Happy Birthday Wish to Sawyer P.!

Sawyer's wish for his 8th birthday was to make a difference in the lives of homeless pets!!  And that's just what he did!  Sawyer collected much needed items for his birthday and donated them to Heartland!

Woof and Meow to you Sawyer!!  We are so lucky to be able to call such a nice young man our friend!!  Happy Birthday!

Thanks a million to Sarah G!!

In honor of her Bat Mitzvah, Sarah G wanted to help Heartland's homeless pets.  So, Sarah set up a fundraising page to help raise much needed funds!  We are happy to report that Sarah's fundraising efforts were a HUGE success!!  She raised over $1,100 for Heartland's pets!!  WOW!

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Sarah for thinking of Heartland and giving such a wonderful gift!!  We are so fortunate to have such caring friends!  Our pets send you many tail wags and purrs!  


For Evan's 10th birthday and for Maggie's 1 year adoption anniversary, Evan decided to collect donations for Heartland Animal Shelter!  

A special thank you to Evan and Maggie!  Your donations will help keep our pets healthy and safe until they find their forever homes!  Heartland is so happy to have friends like you!!  Our pets say "Meow" and "Woof"!

A Big Heartland Thank You to Our Friends @ Allstate!

Heartland is fortunate to have great neighbors and friends at Allstate Insurance Company.  For Allstate's day of service a group of Allstate employees choose to volunteer their time at Heartland!!  These wonderful volunteers worked hard and were willing to help out where ever it was needed!!

Thank you Allstate volunteers!!  Your Helping Hands are very helpful indeed!!

A Special MEOW & WOOF to Olivia and Jack!!

Heartland sends a very special thank you to our friends Olivia & Jack!  For Olivia's 5th birthday and Jack's 2nd birthday, they collected donations for Heartland!!  Cary Grant, one of Heartland's grateful puppies was sure to give them a sweet thank you!

Thank you Olivia & Jack!!   

A Big Heartland Thank you to Sienna V.

We sends a special Heartland Thank You to Vienna Vamos!! In honor of her first communion, Sienna donated much needed items to Heartland including dog treats, towels, and rugs!  A couple of Heartland's adorable puppies were sure to thank Sienna and her sister Olivia!  

Thank you Sienna from all of your Heartland friends!!  Our pets send many kitty purrs and tail wags!

A Special Heartland Thank You to our Friends @ Northbrook Dairy Queen!!

Our friends at Northbrook DQ hosted the 2nd Sweet for Heartland Benefit in June 2014!!  There were raffle prizes, a silent auction, bouncy house, and face painting!  It was a beautiful day and some of Heartland's furry friends were on-hand to show their gratitutde!  What a fun time for all!

Northbrook DQ also offers a puppy blizzard during the month of June and a portion of the sales are donated to Heartland!

We are so grateful to the Schubert family and Northbrook Dairy Queen for all they do for Heartland! 

Thank you!!  Your support goes a long way to helping Heartland save so many wonderful pets! 

An Extra Special Thank You to Cara, Molly & Christopher (and Gatsby too)!

Our special friends Cara, Molly and Christopher decided to have a lemonade stand and donate all of their earnings to Heartland!  Their dog Gatsby (known as Haus while at Heartland) was there to help!

Heartland is lucky to have such wonderful friends!  Thank you Cara, Molly, and Christopher!!  Your donation will help Heartland continue to help homeless pets find their forever homes (just like your Gatsby!)  

A Very Special Double Thank You to Heartland Friend Lili V!​

A very special Thank you to Lili V!!  We are sending Lili a double thank you!!  She collected much needed donations for the animals at Heartland in July, and then for her birthday she collected more donations instead of receiving gifts!!  We were very happy to have Lili visit with us!  What a nice young lady with a big heart!

Thank you Lili!!  Your donations will go a long way to help Heartland continue to save homeless pets and find them their forever homes!  

Thank you to Heartland volunteers Javier and Kathy 

Visitors to Heartland are now greeted with a beautiful new mural!!  Heartland volunteer and super artist Javier Quinto spent many hours on this project - all while still working a full time job!!  What a wonderful gift Javier has given to Heartland!  

Javier and his wife Kathy are regular volunteers in the cat room. Thank you to both of you for your years of dedication and support of Heartland!

A Special Thank You to Heartland's Pet Photograhers!
Diane Bergen, Izzy du Toit, Jenny Nogle and Nadine Rozowsky 

Have you ever tried to get a good photo of a pet?  If you have then you know how 
hard it can be!  Heartland is fortunate to have such wonderful photographers to 
capture our pets in such adorable photos!  

Diane Bergen has been volunteering at Heartland since 2010 and enjoys capturing 
our cats' personalities in the photos she takes!

Izzy du Toit began volunteering at Heartland in 2010 and likes spending time 
photographing Heartland's dogs when she is home from college!

Jenny Nogle has been working at Heartland for 10 years and has taken many many 
adorable photos of our cats and dogs to help them find their forever homes!

Nadine Rozowsky, owner of Best Dog Photography, brings her professional experience and knowledge with her to capture the cuteness of our dogs! 

For all that they do and all of the wonderful photos, we say Thank You to Diane, Izzy, Jenny, and Nadine!  Each photo you take helps our pets find their forever homes!  Our pets are lucky to have you! 

A Huge Heartland Thank You to Whole Foods in Northbrook!

We want to thank Whole Foods in Northbrook for choosing Heartland for a day of Shop for a Cause where 5% of sales for the day was donated to Heartland!  We had a beautiful September day and enjoyed meeting so many shoppers!  Miss Sara and Porkie were happy to attend! 

Thank you Northbrook Whole Foods for your continued support of Heartland Animal Shelter!

A Special Heartland Thank You For
Amy's 1st Annual Great Cause 4 Little Paws

We would like to thank Leo Thier, Laurie Anderson and all of Amy's friends for choosing Heartland Animal Shelter to honor Amy's memory. It was truly a tremendous event to honor a tremendous person! From all the animals and everyone at Heartland Animal Shelter, thank you!

Four Paws Up For Our Matching Millionaire Allyson!

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts to Allyson! Her generous Matching Millionaire Campaign raised $16,387 for the animals! Learn more about her campaign and the animals she is helping by raising funds for the Dr. Do More Fund.  Thank you Allyson!

Thank You, Smith Family!

The Smith Family has donated all of the proceeds from their garage sale to Heartland Animal Shelter!  Your generosity is greatly appreciated by all the animals at Heartland!  Your donation will help provide for them while they wait for their forever homes.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank You To A Couple Of Very Crafty Volunteers!

 A very special note of thanks goes out to volunteers Elaine Timm and Gabriella Fleischer for representing Heartland at the Kraft Foods Craft Fair on Wednesday, November 19th.  

These ladies have a true passion for the animals at Heartland, which they paired with their wonderful sewing talents.  The sports themed animal beds were a particularly big hit!  Total sales were an impresive $571!  Thank you, ladies!

A Beautiful Addition to the Kennel

Resident artist Kate Goodwille has painted this gorgeous, "Starry Night" mural in the kennel.  

Thank you, Kate, for donating your time and talents to add this lovely ambiance to the kennels that everyone can enjoy!​
Thank You, Friendship Jr. High Students!

​The 8th Grade advanced language arts students of Friendship Junior High chose Hartland Animal Shelter as the recipient of their generous donation, which resulted from their service project.  Thank you for your hard work and know that your donation will make a difference in the lives of the Heartland animals still waiting for their fur-ever homes.  Thank you SO much!

Thank you Krav Warriors!
The Krav Warriors of White Tiger Krav Maga provided Heartland with a generous Holiday gift recently.  Thanks, Warriors!  The animals appreciate your generocity and efforts!

Happy Birthday to Marta Z.!

Marta Z. very generously donated items to Heartland Animal Shelter for her 10th birthday recently.  The animals all hope you had a very Happy Birthday and are grateful for the wonderful items you donated! 

Happy 10th Birthday, Orly!
​                               For her 10th birthday Orly set up a Razoo page and raised over $800 for the 
                                     Heartland animals!  All of Orly's guests donated to Heartland!  Orly and her 
                                     family also brought additional donations of canned food for the cats and dogs of
                                     Heartland.  Thank you SO much, Orly, for your generous donation!  The Heartland
                                     animals appreciate your generosity and hope you had a fantastic birthday!

Happy Birthday, Madeline!
                                                Madeline generously donated items to 
                                                  Heartland from her recent birthday party.
                                                  Thank you, Madeline, for the gifts which 
                                                  the animals will be so happy to get!  We 
                                                  hope you had a super birthday!

A Big Heartland Thank You to The Complete Dog in Northbrook!

During the month of March, The Complete Dog held a raffle to benefit Heartland Animal Shelter!  The prizes included free grooming or bath and teeth brushing.  The fundraiser raised $1,650 for Heartland!!!  WOW!

A very special Thank You to Owner Brigit Tigrib, the employees of The Complete Dog, and all of the people who purchased raffle tickets.  It's supporters like you that make it possible for Heartland to help so many deserving pets!

Thank you SOOOOO much Girl Scout Troop 40115!

Girl Scout Troop 40115 recently conducted one 
of the biggest donation drives Heartland has 
received yet!  A resounding Woof and Meow 
of thanks go out for all the great items we 
received to help out Heartland's Animals!  
Thank you ladies for your hard work!

A Heart-Felt Thank You!
​                                              Heartland would like to offer a warm Thank You to Ryan (center) 
                                                              and his friends Jake (left) and Joshua for organizing a fundraiser
                                                              at Highcrest Middle School in Wilmette in May.  Besides selling
                                                              cut-out hearts that were pasted on the wall of the school 
                                                              entrance, the boys also conducted an online fundraiser that
                                                              together raised approximately $1,000 for the shelter.  Ryan 
                                                              and his mates showed passion, determination and great maturity in 
                                                              overseeing this important campaign and they deserve a lot of credit 
                                                              for a job well done!
Thank you, Danielle, for your wonderful, yummy donation to Heartland!  The 
dogs all send you a big WOOF of thanks!
SurePayroll Cleans Up!

A BIG thank you goes out to SurePayroll for coming out to Heartland and making the shelter spotless! Thank you so much for your hard work! 
A Heap O' Stuff!!
Thanks to Random Acts, the charity started by 
Supernatural star Misha Collins, Heartland was the 
beneficiary of two truckloads of supplies from the 
generous patrons of ChiCon 2015 which recently 
took place in Rosemont.  The shelter received 
bleach, detergent, dog and cat food, paper 
towels, blankets and even a kiddie swimming 
pool!  The photo below shows all the wonderful, 
extremely useful items we received.  Mr. Shadow, 
representing all the animals of Heartland, sends a 
heap o' gratitude to everyone who made this 

A very special Heartland Thank You to The High Hopes for Pets Foundation!  The High Hopes for Pets Foundation rewarded Heartland Animal Shelter with a $500 grant!  Big tail wags and kitty purrs to you!  Your generosity will help us continue our mission to find permanent, loving homes for homeless animals!
A Big Heartland Thank You to Northbrook Civic Foundation!!

We are so grateful to our friends at the Northbrook Civic Foundation for awarding Heartland Animal Shelter a grant for industrial fans!  Your generosity will go a long way in improving the lives of our furry friends while they wait for their forever, loving homes! 

Happy Birthday, Joe!

​                                For his 10th birthday, Joe asked for donations to Heartland Animal Shelter.  Joe
                                brought in a LOT of gift cards and dish soap which will be very helpful in caring for all 
                                the animals who are waiting to find their fur-ever homes.  Thank you, Joe, for                                             thinking of the Heartland animals and for your generous gifts!  

Thank you, Kevin!

                                       For his Lenten Service Project, Kevin thoughtfully 
                                       collected donations for Heartland Animal Shelter!  
                                       Thank you, Kevin!  The animals of Heartland send out 
                                       a heartfelt "Woof" and "Meow" of thanks to you!

Happy Birthday, Orly!

For her birthday, Orly once again collected donations for Heartland Animal 
Shelter, raising money which will be very helpful in caring for the animals.  
Thank you, Orly!  We are so grateful to know such a thoughtful young lady and 
we hope your birthday was very happy!

Thank You, Adam!

A Big Heartland Thank You to Adam W!! For his Bar Mitzvah Adam raised funds and collected supplies for Heartland Animal Shelter. Through his efforts Adam also raised Awareness of homeless pets and the importance of pet adoption!

Adam made adorable centerpieces using photos of some of Heartland's homeless dogs! Congratulations and Thank you to Adam! Our pets send you many tail wags and kitty purrs! 

                                         Hannah has been collecting items for Heartland for her Bat Mitzvah project.  She 
                                         brought in a stack of check recently, as well as many grocery bags full of paper 
                                         towels, dog treats and other items which will be incredibly useful to the  
                                         animals at Heartland.  Thank you for your generosity and hard work, Hannah!

A Big Heartland Thank You to our friend Hannah!!
For Hannah's Bat Mitzvah she donated tons of food and toys to 
Heartland's pets!! Hannah's donation will help keep our pets happy 
and healthy while they wait for their forever homes!

Our dogs and cats send tail-wags and purrs to you Hannah! What a 
special young lady you are!

Thanks, Scott!

Scott's Eagle Scout project was to reorganize the Heartland Animal Shelter Training Hall.  He was able to get the white shelving donated and he raised money to purchase lots of bins to hold supplies and keep everything safe from dust and mice!  Scott brought in a large crew to assist with the project, which was completed in less than 8 hours over 2 weekend mornings.  WOW!

​What an amazing transformation!  


Thank You to Pinot’s Palette in South Barrington! 

A big thank you to our friends at Pinot's Palette in South Barrington for hosting Project Pet to benefit Heartland last week! And a big thank you to all who attended this fun event! Heartland is lucky to have such great support from friends like you! 

Thank You & Happy Birthday to Paige!

Thank you to Paige who asked her 7th birthday party guests to bring animal supplies for Heartland! Her sisters, Eve and Audrey, have also done the same for their birthday parties. What generous girls! 

Our pets say Meow & Woof which means Thank You for helping keep us safe and healthy until we find our forever homes!

A Big Heartland Thank You to Maple School!

The students at Maple School held a donation drive for Heartland! They took the time to look up our wish list and requested the donations we need most! You can see by this photo how many donations they were able to collect for us!

Thank you Maple School Students! Friends like you help us keep our pets safe, healthy and happy while they wait for their forever homes!

Thank You Thank You to Chelsea!!

Wow!  Chelsea held had a lemonade stand for about 6 months and collected financial donations for the pets at Heartland!! When Chelsea came in to deliver her donations, one of our grateful pups was sure to give her a proper thank you!!

Meow and Woof to you Chelsea! 

Thank You & Mazel Tov to Ella!

Ella S. surprised us with a nice donation during our Walk of Love this year! Ella donated funds she raised for her Bat Mitzvah project. Ella made her request in honor of her 2 cats who were adopted from Heartland in 2011, Flurry & Fizz (now named Coco)! 

Thank you Ella!! Your generosity will help Heartland continue to save lives of many deserving pets!  Mazel Tov!

Thank you & Happy Birthday to Lucas!!

For Lucas's 6th birthday he asked for donations for Heartland instead of gifts!  Look at all those donations! Thank you to you Lucas! What a special and generous young man! Our pets send you tails wags and purrs!

A  Big Heartland Thank You to Zachary Hindmand!!

Zachary Hindmand, Troop 117, completed his Eagle Scout Project at Heartland. He did a wonderful job painting the tables and cabinets in the adoption room, and he collected mounds of supplies! Thank you Zach for helping Heartland continue saving so many pets lives!