Finding Forever Homes for Homeless Pets
Heartland Animal Shelter presents a variety of events throughout the year.  Some focus on education and awareness, some focus on fundraising and some are just plain fun!  All of them have the ultimate goal of helping the animals.  Please visit our web site regularly to see what is coming up and for a report on past events.  Thanks!
Bring Us Home 2008!

Heartland Animal Shelter,
Through the Generosity of Golf Mill Shopping Center,
Bring Us Home 2008!
An opportunity to meet some of the many wonderful animals available for adoption at Heartland Animal Shelter.

Heartland Animal Shelter is at Golf Mill Shopping Center every 1st and 3rd Saturday & Sunday, of every month from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.  We are located in a storefront inside Door 4, located between Kohl's and Target.  We are just outside the Target entrance inside the shopping center.  Golf Mill Shopping Center is located at Golf Road and Milwaukee Avenue in Niles, IL.

Click on the link below for a brochure:

Bring Us Home 2007 brochure

Learn How to Foster a Cat, Dog, Puppy or Kitten
for Heartland Animal Shelter

One of the most important programs at Heartland Animal Shelter is the Fostering Program.  Animals go to foster homes for various reasons - they may be too young to live in the shelter, they may need medical attention, they may need a TLC because of the conditions they were rescued from.  Learn how you can take part in this critical program.  

Topic:  Learn how to Foster for Heartland Animal Shelter

When: First Saturday of every month at 5:15pm - 6:45pm

Where:  At Heartland Animal Shelter

How: Sign up by writing to Jenny at

Host: Barb Balla

You will be required to sign up for the Volunteer Orientation (required to be an official  volunteer for Heartland)  Offered the last Saturday of every month at 4:15pm.  Host is Jenny Nogle.

Fostering can become addictive!  Read the following first-hand account of one of Heartland's "Fostering Junkies":

"FOSTERING.... to do or not to do?!  In the 4 years that I have spent fostering I've been asked a lot of questions....  "How do you handle that many fosters at once?" ( I do litters of puppies...)  " How much time does it take?" and most of all... " How do you let them go?"   Those questions are important to explore when you consider fostering, but they are definitely NOT reasons to decide fostering isn't for you..... and there isn't one answer for all the questions. 

I handle litters of puppies because I decided a long time ago that I have a crazy need to nurture and I thrive on chaos! If you need a quieter lifestyle, then just try one pup/dog, or a couple of kittens, or a cat. If you need to schedule in a foster break or family vacation, you can easily let the shelter know and that can be accommodated. The time it takes depends on the pet(s) you choose to foster.  An older dog or cat will take much less time and energy than a brood of young ones, and the time that ANY of those animals spends in your home, instead of the shelter, helps to better ready them for life as the beloved family pet. The stress of a shelter setting can bring on a host of reasons that might delay adoption.  When the pet is in your home, they learn to look for the door to go out, to know the litter box is the laundry room, and how to curl up with you at night and know they are loved, even when the life they knew before has changed in ways they never fathomed, or maybe it's the answer to a prayer that they have found you. 

Finally, "how do you let them go?".  Tough question.  Again it's up to you, up to your perspective.  If you adopt an animal once every 5 years, in ten years you've saved 2 animals.  If you foster 6 animals in a year, in those same 5 years, you've saved 30 animals.  I do litters of puppies... in 4 years, I've had over 200 pups come through my house, out of the kill shelters and into the arms of loving families who can't imagine life without them.  I sort of look at it like sending my kids to college.  It hurts to leave them there, but you want more than anything for them to go it on their own, to be successful and live a good life.  It's just what you have to do to accomplish that goal.  Tough, but not insurmountable. 

And so, in conclusion, I know that fostering is one of the most rewarding things I do. There's nothing like the feeling of reaching 50,100, 200 and counting, lovable pets that have found families because you were willing to open your home. As with most good deeds, what you get back is so much more than what you put in. I really hope you'll consider it for your home, as well."
Past Events

We've had a lot of fun helping the animals! 

For coverage of past events, click on the links below:

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Dr "Do More Funds" Page!

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On-going Events
Bring Us Home 2009!
Meet Heartland pets at Golf Mill Shopping Center the 1st and 3rd Saturday & Sunday of every month from Noon to 4:00 pm.  Look below for more information.

Volunteer Orientation:  Learn about the opportunities and responsibilities involved in being a Heartland Animal Shelter volunteer.  Offered on the 2nd and last Saturday of every month, from 5:15 to 6:45 pm.  Contact Jenny Nogle for information: 

Learn How to Foster: for Heartland Animal Shelter - Learn what it takes to be able to foster a cat, dog, kitten or puppy for Heartland Animal Shelter .  Offered on the first Saturday of every month at 5:15pm 6:45.
Friday, March 27th
At eSkape Lanes in Buffalo Grove
RSVP by March 12th

Back by popular demand, Bow-Wow & Alley Cat Bowling!!  Join us for bowling, pizza, soda, raffles and games all for the animals at Heartland Animal Shelter!  Don't miss it!

Share the Bow-Wow and Alley Cat Bowling Poster with your friends, families, co-workers and neighbors!  

$30 Pre-Pay For Bowling
$30 Pre-Pay For Bowling