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Thanks for Joining Addison for the Walk of Love!
Heartland?s 1st annual walk for the animals! 

Pictured inside the heart below is Addison, the 2007 Walk of Love ?spokes-dog?.  She was adopted into her forever home in May, 2007!  She walked in the Walk of Love for all the animals at Heartland, so that they too, find a forever home! 

WHAT:  1st Annual Walk for the Animals
WHEN:  Saturday, July 28th, 2007 at 9:00 am
WHERE:  At Blue Star Memorial Woods Forest Preserve (entrance on East Lake Avenue, just west of Harms Road)

Hundreds joined us for a leisurely 2K walk in the forest preserve.  After the walk, there was  breakfast, souvenir photos, a cutest bandana/collar contest, a dog and owner look-a-like contest and many other fun activities for humans and dogs!.  Also, Esther, Heartland's very special girl was present!  Esther's Page.  She?s doing much better and is excited to see everyone at the Walk of Love!

Many people collected pledges for the animals!  Individuals and teams collected pledges  and qualified for prizes while helping animals in need.  Those who raised $100 in pledges for the animals received two movie passes!  In addition, there were prizes from PETCO for the top individual as well as top individual and dog pledge raisers!  The team who raised the most pledges for the animals will received a prize from Pizza-Ria!

About Addison, the Walk of Love Spokes dog! 

When she was just a puppy, Addison was homeless fending for herself.  Like many homeless animals she ended up at the city pound.  Luckily she was rescued by a woman who recognized her loving potential and brought her to Heartland where she received necessary medical attention and lots of tender loving care. 

In no time at all, Addison warmed the hearts of her adoptive parents, Gary and Susie, and went to live with them and her new brother Henry (the cat) in her new forever home!   Addison even has canine extended family, uncles Cody and Travis (Gary?s parents and sister?s dogs) that have made her feel extra welcome in her new home.  Addison loves being part of the family, playing with her favorite toy, a stuffed trout, and chasing Henry (just playing of course).  She also loves meeting and making new friends with other animals and kids! 

Click here for a Walk of Love brochure.

Here are pictures of some of the participants in the Walk of Love, 2007

A couple of pictures of some of the Heartland alumni at the Walk of Love.  It was fun to see former Heartland dogs with such great homes!

A few of the dogs & people at Walk of Love.  Don't you love doggie smiles?

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