Meet Dr. Do More
Every animal adopted from Heartland has been spayed or neutered and received up-to-date vaccinations before they are adopted. While adoption fees, donations, and other fund raising cover these expenses, there just isn?t funding in our budget to cover out of the ordinary expenses. The Dr. Do More Fund is our special fund that enables Heartland to give special needs animals a second chance at a forever home.  Thank your for considering a donation to The Dr. Do More Fund.

This puppy ? who has since been named Esther ? was born with backward twisted front legs. As she sat alone in her cage with the saddest look in her eyes, we couldn?t just walk away and leave her behind. We knew we had a rough road ahead, but we worked on faith that Heartland supporters would help us do what was needed to give Esther a second chance. The Dr. Do More Fund was created to help Heartland with the medical costs and therapy Esther would need before she could find a forever home.

Dr. Claude Gendreau, DVM, one of the top veterinary orthopedic and neurosurgeons, agreed to perform the surgery at a reduced rate. Dr. Gendreau and his staff at the Veterinary Special Center in Buffalo Grove quickly preformed the surgeries before growth spurts could complicate the procedure and have continued with the follow up care.

Esther?s surgeries and physical therapies were finished in 2007 and her foster mom ? Trudy Schneider ? has since adopted her. Although Esther walks and does get around, some longer walks are difficult. However, that didn?t stop her from coming in her wagon to the Walk of Love the summer of 2009 ? where she was quite the celebrity.

Trudy says that Esther also loves her daily visits to the park where she is greeted by all the local children and well known by all. Her other favorite thing is to visit the local bakery, where she ?raids? the goody bag during the car ride home.  Esther attends many of the Heartland events and is an inspiration to all!

Click here for more details and photos of Esther's amazing life!!

Doing More with Dr. Do More
The Dr. Do More Fund is now used to help us ?do more? when we need to help various animals that come into our shelter. Some recent examples include ?
  • Mr. Bones was a sweet grey stray cat that was hit by a car and brought into Heartland for help. Because of the Dr. Do More Fund, the Veterinarians and staff at Preiser Animal Hospital were able to repair Mr. Bones? injuries and help him to recover. He was adopted before Christmas into his forever home.
  • When Survivor arrived at Heartland from a Kentucky rescue group something was not quite right. An examination revealed he had an arrow head lodged in his spine. This sweet, loving six-year-old Spaniel/Setter mix has been adopted into his new home.
  • Gauge is charming Beagle that came in as a stray. After he was admitted to Heartland, it was discovered that he had an injured jaw and that a pin that had been inserted in an earlier surgery needed to be repaired. Gauge is now doing well and has also been adopted.

If you would like to help Heartland ?do more? for animals in the future, please donate below to the Dr. Do More Fund.

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Esther?s Tale
Heartland probably wouldn?t have a Dr. Do More Fund if hadn?t been for a puppy named Ester. Periodically, staff members from Heartland go to high kill shelters to save animals that would otherwise be euthanized.  While we normally rescue animals in excellent health and with high adoptability potential, every once in a while there is a cat or dog who just tugs at our heartstrings. On March 27, 2007 our staff members met a three-month-old Spaniel/Dachshund mix puppy at Chicago Animal Care and Control.
Mr. Bones