Dog Kennel Renovation

Heartland Animal Shelter
2975 Milwaukee Ave. 
Northbrook, IL. 60062
Phone: 847-296-6400
Fax: 847-296-4198

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Here are a few photos of the Dog Kennel Renovation in progress.

Portions of the floor were removed and drain pipes added.  The floor was pitched for proper drainage.

The doorway between kennel areas was widened.  A new wall is being built to control noise.  A cement pad is provided for positioning storage off of the floor.

The entire floor is being stripped of old finishes and a new finish will be applied.

The floor stripper is loud & messy!

The old drop ceiling has been removed and new insulation is being installed.

The old sink has been removed and the doorway between kennel areas widened.

Cement pads have been added for the new dog wash area and shower.

Rick & the crew have been busy!  The kennel is starting to look like the monthly feature in "Better Homes & Kennels"!

The kennel area, showing the rehabbed kennels.
A beautiful & tough epoxy finish has been applied to the
floor.  The sliding doors inside the kennels have been 
rebuilt and now work smoothly.The entire area is much brighter and more cheerful 
than before.  

The Heartland logo greet visitors as they enter the kennel area.    

Preparations have been made for 
sky lights, to provide natural 
light in the kennel area.

                                                            The shower area is near completion.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated generously to renovate the Heartland Dog Kennels!
Below are pictures of the many improvements for the animals!