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Heartland Animal Shelter Testimonials! 

"I adopted my dog at Heartland two months ago to date.  After having adopted from shelters in the past, I knew the sad and cold feeling it normally is to walk into one.  I walked into Heartland and felt warmth and love.  They had my son and I wash our hands before seeing the animals.  We were there to specifically look at one dog we saw online however we wanted to look at the others as well.  The gentleman, Jack, that helped us through most of the process opened the dogs file and gave us all the information on the dog we were there to see.  He had just gotten there a few days prior as a save from a kill shelter.  I am so appreciative of them saving him because it was love immediately and he is now my other "son".  There was another lady, Jenny, helping in the process with the paperwork as well and she made the adoption process so easy and pleasant.  I am going to begin volunteering at Heartland this month as I was so impressed with the way they love and care for their animals there and I want to help the animals as well as the shelter to continue to provide all they do!  Thanks so much!" ~ Constance 

"Great people that love animals" ~ Bradley

"My husband and I dropped off Lucy, an 8 year old Britney Spaniel at heartland today and the staff was extremely kind and loving towards us and Lucy! Please visit this wonderful shelter and take a peak at their dogs." ~ Heather 

"I have been to other shelters in my lifetime and actually volunteered in a couple and my experience with your shelter is amazing. You can tell that your staff really loves and cares for these animals." ~ Laura

"I adopted a dog in March of 2012.  Such a wonderful addition to our family!!  Great people and very clean.  I have been to many shelters where they bring the pets to you. But here, you can walk through and see all the pets available for adoption.  I loved the experience and I would highly recommend Heartland Animal Shelter!!!!" ~ Leo

"We rescued Jonah from this shelter. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and caring. We were blown away by the experience here and would go back if we wanted another pet. They are wonderful." ~ Melissa

"They do things the right way......" ~ Birgit

"A good place to adopt the newest member of your family. They are kind and have a good heart."  ~ Elsa

"They are wonderfully supportive of their animals as well as the homes they go to.  Anyone that knows me knows I don't recommend unless I'm sure." ~ Barbara

"Great place to give a wonderful dog or cat a chance for a family!" ~ Irma 

"A wonderful place and refuge for fuzzy cats and dogs! They are a no kill shelter that places these animals in great homes!" ~ Marilyn

"I've worked with group in the past - great people!" ~ Staci

"Heartland saved two wonderful dogs (Toto and Penny - AKA Pumpkin Pie) that have greatly enriched our family! Toto welcomed Penny and they soon had a running/playing sequence around the house at fast speeds. We had Aspen Fence erect a chain link fence as a Christmas gift (and try Cardinal Gates for an aluminum gate you can install inside or out). They are well-behaved on leash due to Christy's training, and like the newly fenced area. Both are intelligent, loyal and protective. They kiss each other in the morning, and like to be kissed on their heads. Another favorite is soft petting under the chin. Toto enjoys being brushed; both like baths. Much fun to watch them play together. Best vest harness we found is the one Heartland provided Toto - brand "Canine Friendly"/"RC Products", vented/perforated fabric Model #301 or not vented Model #300. This harness has a double handle in which to thread a vehicle seat belt. "Many Thanks!" to all at Heartland " ~ The Para Family

"Our daughter adopted a wonderful kitten from Heartland last winter.  Little Tinsel, was a delight.  Our daughter renamed him, Helo. He is part Siamese and a true treasure of a loving wonderful pet.  Heartland provided us with a healthy wonderful kitten.  THe adoption process was clear and professional.  Heartland is serving so many families in our area now.  Thank goodness for all those who work and volunteer there." 
~ The Boyer Family

"Three years ago we purchased from Heartland. I must say that the process was easy yet they were thorough about where the dog was going since I would be living on the Navy base. The dog was healthy and a welcomed addition to our family. Although we are content with one dog for the moment, we still keep an eye on what is at the never know. We now will be encouraging our daughter to assist as a volunteer this summer and of course, her mother and I will assist. Additionally our daughter has saved money which she has sat asside to purchase needed items for the shelter. Clean facilities, great staff, highly recommended to anyone looking for new pets."  ~ Mark 

"Heartland is a great place to adopt. Every animal is given so much love and attention. They are friendly and incredibly helpful." ~ The Haase Family

"Thank you to all of you, and I would recommend Heartland to anyone looking to adopt." ~ Shannan

"Fantastic place to adopt a pet"  ~ Bob

"Heartland is all about the furbabies! <3 <3 <3"  ~ Catherine

"Wonderful to work with! We adopted 2 amazing new family members from Heartland!!!!"  ~ Kathleen

"This is an awesome "no kill" shelter with many great animals who need homes."  ~ Scott

"a wonderful no kill shelter in Northbrook!"  ~ Linda

"Great place to adopt from. They really know every dog's and cat's personality, and doing very good job matching people with their future pets."  ~ Alla

"There are many furry four legged friends looking for their forever homes!!! Check out Hearthland Animal Shelter!! They are doing great work!"  ~ Michele

"I love Heartland. I adopted a dog, Jackie, in May 2011. Was the best experience. The staff was kind and answered all the questions I had. Highly recommended! !"  ~ Jenn

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