Thank You for Considering Becoming a Foster Parent for Heartland!

Why foster?

Fostering pets is very rewarding! Fostering increases the likelihood of adoption. When the pet you’ve fostered is accepted into a forever home it is because of the love you’ve given them! It's fun!  You’re able to show your foster animal what a life filled with love should be.  And most of all - Fostering save lives!

The more foster homes that are available, the more lives Heartland can save! 
Please see the testimonials from some of our foster parents below:

Foster pets

Click here to meet some of our pets looking for a foster home!

There are many different pets that come to Heartland who benefit greatly from a foster home.

Pregnant cats and dogs: When a cat or dog arrives at Heartland pregnant, they require special love and care in a home environment until they give birth to their babies and care for their babies until the babies can be weaned.

Very young kittens and puppies: Some pets arrive too young to be housed in the shelter. Some of these pets will require bottle feeding. These pets will require the love and care of their foster parent(s) until they are old enough to return to the shelter or until they are adopted.

Older pets, pets will illness or injury, and pets who find it very difficult adjusting to a shelter environment: Some pets simply find the shelter too stressful! These pets will benefit from a loving and caring foster home until they are able to find their forever home!

Heartland's foster coordinator will work with the potential foster parents to find their foster match.

Responsibilities of a foster parent:

The foster parent is responsible for providing shelter, food, water, toys, socialization and love to the foster pet(s).  

When needed, the foster parent is responsible for administering medication, ensuring a special diet is followed, and/or continuing necessary training. 

The foster parent is responsible for monitoring medical and behavior of the foster pet(s), and providing information to shelter staff.

The foster parent is responsible for providing transportation to vet appointments as needed.

The cost of fostering a pet is now tax deductible in Illinois. Click here for more information: link

How to get started:

You must first attend a volunteer orientation class to begin fostering. Then after the class you will enter our foster training class.  (click here for the orientation schedule)

For more information on fostering please email  

The animals thank you for opening your home to them 
to give them that second chance at life and love....

"By far the most rewarding experience in my years of volunteering has been seeing my fosters get adopted into wonderful homes"
"Fostering is fantastic. Seriously, who wouldn't want the opportunity to care for, play with, and socialize a litter of kittens until they are old enough to be adopted?" 
"It’s a rewarding experience that doesn’t require a ton of time or energy.  Just lots of love, pets and cuddles, food and litter box cleaning, then turn them back over to shelter to be put up for adoption once they are old enough to be vaccinated and can be kept with other kittens."
"being a foster Mom means loving and caring for them like they are your'em like they aren't leaving..."
"It’s really fun and interesting to watch them grow into playful little kittens and watch and admire their own little personalities bloom."
"Fostering a senior pet gives that pet the love and comfort of a home while they wait for their forever home!  Fostering a senior is the best thing I’ve ever done!"