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I want to thank everyone at Heartland, especially Julie because she introduced us, for helping me meet my sweet, curious little Murphy (his Heartland name was Amoss).  When I brought him home he adjusted very quickly and happily accepted his new home.  The first day or two he purred the entire time.  He loves looking out the window, playing with his fishing pole toy, watching birds on YouTube and most of all cuddling.  He is also quite the conversationalist, me maintains eye contact while meowing in various tones.  He is such a sweetheart that anyone who comes over immediately adores him.  I am very lucky to be his Mom! 

Thank you for this perfect little friend!

Thanks to Heartland I have had the best two companions over the last seven years!

My absolutely perfect dog, Charlie (Mr. Buttons in your records), who I 
adopted 7 years ago at the age of 5 is still energetic and doing very well
at 12!

                                                        And although Julius (Butterscotch) has fought battles with his mega 
                                                        colon condition, he is great right now and is a sweet, affectionate
                                                        cat!  I can't believe he is 9 now as he was only 3 when I adopted him!

                                                        Sadly. . . they don't like having their photos taken!

Today is the first birthday of our beloved Pepper.  We adore her, and she is the smartest, sweetest dog ever!
                                                                             She is the smartest, sweetest dog ever! She is part of our 
                                                                             family, and we don't know what w would do without 
                                                                             her!  She and her sister Penny found each other at  the 
                                                                             Northbrook dog park, and love playing together. We are 
                                                                             all convinced that they remember each other, as 
                                                                             evidenced by how they gravitate to each other and 
                                                                             play non-stop, often ignoring the other dogs. They are 
                                                                             almost identical, except for their color. Same coat, just 
                                                                             about the same size, same wonderful temperament. 
                                                                             They are both Sofia's pups, and I believe there were  
                                                                             seven total. Thank you so much for all you do!! Happy 
                                                                             birthday to all of Sofia's litter!! 

                                                                                                    - The Rossiello family

Angel is doing great.  She loves to talk to us and 
get fussed with.  She waits for us at the front door 
when she hears us coming.  She loves her treats!  
She is very sweet and loving.  Did not know she 
liked wool.  Came and sat by me when I was 
knitting - LOL. We kept her name Angel!

Happy New Year!!!
I have been meaning to send the shelter a picture of Moose and how he is 
doing.  I adopted Moose, formerly known as "Scooby" a few years back.  
He was the smiling dog with a bandage wrapped around the tip of his tail, 
probably due to so much butt wiggling.  Moose has been the most amazing 
dog.  He is sooo lovable and smart.  He has been a blessing to our family 
and adds so much love and laughs.
Happy 2016!!!!

                                                                                We have now had Toby (we renamed him Obie) for 3 
                                                                                weeks. He loves hanging out on the couch on his
                                                                                blanket.  He is a happy dog and has brought lots of
                                                                                happiness to our house.

                                                                                So glad we were able to adopt Toby!!

                                                                                 Regina Llewellyn 

Today is two years since we adopted Margo (was Wren) 
and Duncan (was Swallow).  There were four in the 
litter.  These two were in the same cage so we figured
it would be best to keep them together.  They get along
great.  Margo and Duncan both just had their annual 
check ups and vaccinations and got a clean bill of 
health too!  So glad we could rescue them.  They are 
truly loved and we are so blessed to have them in our 
lives.  Appreciate the work you and your team do to 
get these animals into loving homes!  Thanks so much!
Happy New Year!
Donna Griffin

                                                Hello Heartland Friends!  I am sending you a picture of Cassandra (now 
                                                Maya) - we just celebrated her 3 year adoption date on 12/23.  As you can 
                                                see, she is a beautiful girl who is queen of the castle!  She is loveable, 
                                                independent, feisty & sensitive!  Even her 16 month old Golden Retriever 
                                                sister knows she is the princess to Queen Maya.  

                                                Thank you Heartland!

On Friday 1/15 it will be one year since we 
adopted Capone. We wanted to share a little bit 
about him since we know he was a favorite 
during his time in the shelter. We can't believe 
it has only been a year because he has fit in so 
well, that it feels like we have had him forever! 
His sister Rae has taught him the finer things in 
life, like spending all day in bed and he is so 
excited that he will be gaining a human sibling 
in April! We are so glad we were able to give 
such a happy, loving dog a home!

Miss Penelopy, now known as Miss Pea-Pea (yep, that's really her nickname - and she responds to it!) is doing absolutely wonderfully here. The first couple days were filled with hissing from Oliver, but then after a play session with a fishbone-on-a-string toy, and the two boys and her jumping and falling on each other, all was good. The older girls don't care for any of them, lol. But they were never really social with the other cats to begin with. 

I've learned that Miss Pea-Pea LOVES to climb! So did Oscar, and she taught him all sorts of new places in the house he hadn't discovered yet, lol. I also forgot just how high kitties can jump! I've had older cats for a long time and none of them jump that high. These guys jump up like Superman! Or Supergirl in the case of Penelopy. They can jump from the floor to the shop of the shower door!! 

One thing I find absolutely adorable about her - she gives love bites. I love that so much, and I love her so much! She loves to nuzzle at night. If I get up to go to the bathroom. I have an entourage that follows me, including her. And she just loves for me to rub her on the head and she purrs so much! I absolutely adore her.

Anyway, here are some pics of her, along with one of my boys, Oscar (he's on the TV with her, as well as the bed). You can still see her shaved belly in the one, a few weeks after being spayed. And YES that is her in the cabinet! Silly girl, I went to get something in the fridge and felt some eyes on me...

                                                    I adopted my Ivan from you guys 12 years ago.  I must say he has been an 
                                                    amazing companion and friend for many years.  Ivan crossed the rainbow
                                                    bridge on December 4th in my arms and very well loved.  He had a year
                                                    long bout with cancer and died at home in my arms.  I wanted to take the 
                                                    time to say thank you for not giving up on him.  The story was that he had
                                                    returned three times to the shelter for disciplinary issues.  Fact is he was 
                                                    just waiting for me!  No issues at all with running away and not taking 
                                                    directions.  He was a godsend and came into my life when he and I needed
                                                    one another the most!!  Not sure if anyone there is still there and 
                                                    remembers this guy, but if you met him once, you would never forget him!
                                                    Thanks again for putting he and I together!  
                                                    Bill Hoffman

Arnold has been in our lives now for 2 years.  He has been
the most amazing addition to our family.  Arnold loves 
going for car rides and walks around the neighborhood.
His favorite time of the day is bedtime when he gets to
cuddle on the bed and watch TV with his family.

Dakotah is smitten with our newest family member, Chia!!!  They are terrific companions!  Thank you, Heartland!!!!  

Red (aka Kobe) has adapted well to his fur-ever home!

You had her name as Della, we call her Bella.  Here are a few pics of her with her new best friend Jack, our old gray bearded boy.  The exercise and play is great for him.  Thanks again for hooking us up with this sweet little girl.

Hendrix and I wanted to wish you and the staff a Happy Valentine's Day!

He had a checkup in January and his teeth cleaned about a week ago.  He got glowing reviews on his blood work.  The staff can't believe he's almost 12 later this year.

Thanks for matching me and Hendrix together!

                                                                         We adopted Abby from Heartland about 2 1/2 weeks ago. 
                                                                         My last dog Mandy was also an adopted dog and I loved her 
                                                                         truly, she was a Coonhound. We had to put her down about 
                                                                         five years ago from a cancerous tumor in her sinuses. I have 
                                                                         been looking ever since for another Forever Dog. When I 
                                                                         first eyed Abby I fell in love. She has a fur issue, but we are 
                                                                         treating it. She is a typical Beagle, affectionate, playful and 
                                                                         sometimes mischievous. She sleeps on a blanket next to my 
                                                                         bed and sometimes in the morning she is snuggled in bed 
                                                                         with me, which is fine. She gives me a reason to get up in 
                                                                         the morning. She is pretty well house trained and we have 
                                                                         really bonded. I love her very much.

                                                                        To everyone out there who is looking for a pet, please adopt. 
                                                                        There are so many pets looking for their Forever Home and 
                                                                        you will not regret adopting. They give back more than you 
                                                                        can give.

Thank you to the volunteers at Heartland for helping these little creatures find new homes.

God bless all of you
Karen Matson

I just had a nice conversation about how well our new pup, Reggee, is doing.  He has
 adjusted very well to house life with us.  He turned out to be quite the cuddle bug.  
He also really enjoys his walks, and looking out our big front window.  Thought I 
would send a few pictures!  Thank you again, we couldn't be happier with the new 
addition to our lives!
Rachel and Dan

Skout and Abbee

Just wanted to let you know that the kitties have been nothing but little angels and everything is going great.  They immediately adjusted to their new home and love their treehouse.  
I attached some pictures.  Really glad I adopted both of them because they've 
been doing everything together.


                                                Thanks for making our adoption of Stella (Carmella) such a neat experience.  
                                                We love her and she took in our home immediately and is a joy in our lives.

Hello Heartland! 

I just wanted to send you a happy tail about Oliver (aka Davie). We adopted him at the end of July last summer. At first, he had a very hard time adjusting, but he eventually came around to everyone in the house. Oliver loves taking naps with his brother Woodrow, looking out the window for squirrels, and tipping over the toy box to get the toy at the very bottom. He even celebrated his birthday with a birthday hat. We can't thank you enough for helping us find a furry friend to add to our family!

Jenn and Brad

Just wanted to share some pictures of Theo Lee (Ajax was adopted 12/15/16).  He is doing so well...loved by the whole family and our close friends.  Potty training was pretty easy and barely gets into anything.  He goes to daycare here and there but is usually with someone always at home...chillin :)  Theo is playful but still is a bit shy and timid with new things or places.    Please let us know how is sister (Helen) and brother (Arlo) is doing if you can.

Theo Lee's (Ajax) sister Helen (now Piper) is very comfy in her 
fur-ever home!

December 19th, the week before Christmas, we adopted Chanel. Christmas was probably hard on her as we had all the family over for a few days, but since then she has loved every minute! Her favorite spot is on the recliner with me rubbing her. If I don't continue to touch her she let's me know! It's really nice to see her becoming more playful and relaxed. The blue stuffed toy in the pic, well, she destroyed that in less than 2 hours! I couldn't be upset as its the first toy that she has been that excited over! It's so nice to come home to her excitedness! Thank you all for your assistance in our adoption!

                                               We were told you would like some family 
                                               pictures of former Toulouse, now Bentley 
                                               and his family! He has been a ball of energy 
                                               but he is great!

                                               Dayna Grismanauskas

                                           Since having introduced my new best buddy Rufus to his new home (the one- 
                                           time Achilles), he’s been everything I could’ve hoped for and so much more. 
                                           While I chug away in my office all day long, he keeps me company on “his” 
                                           couch all day long, relishing his toys, indulging in multiple puppy naps, and 
                                           enjoying the lively scenes of the city street that lie on the other side of his own 
                                           personal window. Always a quiet little guy, little Rufus loves to stand pat and 
                                           take it all in. Rufus loves hanging out around the house, gnawing away at all his 
                                           toys while I continually discover his puppy teeth scattered throughout the 
                                           house. Still a very shy pup, he comes out of his shell more and more every day, 
                                           building up the necessary courage required to be a social, happy pup. A social 
                                           creature myself, I’ve introduced The Great Rufferino to many new people and 
                                           places over the past six weeks, each time the little guy gaining greater 
                                           confidence as he interacts with all of his newly found friends and family. Always 
                                           at his best when around his new dog pals, Rufus hits Play as he endlessly 
                                           pounces around with his four-legged friends as they entertain themselves with 
                                           their never-ending sessions of wrestling, chasing, and teething away at one 
                                           another; his best friend is clearly his cousin Escobar, my brother’s rambunctious 
                                           and gregarious blue nose pit two months his elder. Not yet an “outside” dog, 
                                           he’s worked very, very hard at acclimating himself to our ever-increasing 
                                                              longer  walks throughout the busy Lincoln Square neighborhood on 
                                                              the Northside of the city. Spending time training him both inside 
                                                              and outside the safe confines of his happy home, with and without 
                                                              his new trainer Melissa from Pawsome Dogs, Rufus is now regularly 
                                                              strolling along without too much resistance while scoping out the 
                                                              sidewalks, parks, and the mean streets of Chicago! He’s learning 
                                                              that the noises and people that surround him aren’t as scary as 
                                                              they once were, showing off his great demeanor as they startle him 
                                                              from time to time as he walks at my side as we meander around. By 
                                                              the time the cold winter goes away - and with it his apprehension 
                                                              of all the newness that engulfs him - young Rufus will be begging to 
                                               romp around outside as the warmer weather welcomes him to let down his 
                                               guard and raise his tail up! We’re both excited for the many years ahead! 
                                               Rufus The Ruthless’ reputation will grow as the years pass by, no doubt. 
                                               Thank you for allowing me to open up my home to him. We’re both very 
                                               grateful for the opportunity, so keep up the great work!

Hello! I just wanted to give you an update on Caleb (now Cedwin). He's 
become much more playful than when we first brought him home, and 
he still loves to cuddle. Now he will forcefully come to us for some 
cuddle time and petting, just slipping onto our laps or meowing until I 
follow him to the bed to cuddle. His favorite spots are the bed, chaise, 
and a rug in the kitchen. He is absolutely wonderful and purrs almost as 
soon as he's pet. Thank you so much for helping us find such a loveable 
boy! Here are a few pictures of him now.

                                              Hi there! Just giving you an update on our precious Zoey 
                                              aka Crackerrs ....she is getting tons of love (and treats 
                                              from her new brother) and is thriving! At her vet visit, 
                                              she was weighed and has gained 1 full pound! Thank you 
                                              for caring for our little girl before we found each other 

Tater Tot and Hash Brown
Everything is very good.  They were really scared at the beginning.  They are really smart and playful.  Thank you for everything.

Hello Heartland Animal Shelter

First I would like to thank you so much for saving me and finding me a great 
forever home. As you can tell from the pictures, I am a little spoiled, but in a 
good way for sure!!!

I have to tell you I was not so fond of the car ride home, but am continuing to 
get use to it. Unfortunately, I still like to sit in the driver's lap which can make 
driving challenging at times. I am hoping to be able to make my way over to the 
passenger seat soon especially since I will be visiting the dog parks when the 
weather gets nice.

I was not housebroken, but since have become so although every once in awhile I 
still will have an accident. My owner has learned that it is very important to take 
me right outside when she gets home and gets up in the morning, otherwise, well,
 I just decide I have to go and do it. I know I am not suppose to, so am working on 
controlling that.

I love my nice walks around the neighborhood as I generally go on at least 3 per 
day if not more when the weather is nice. I have met many doggy friends so am 
really looking forward to more play time soon with them. I have a girlfriend, 
her name is Maddie she is a labordoodle, but my sweetheart. I am also great friends with Bailey, Otis, Noah, Gibson and a few others that I am getting to know as I walk around the neighborhood.  

Well enough for now, but wanted to let you know how well I am doing. I am very, very, very happy here and my family is so loving. I love to snuggle as you know. I end up in Mom's lap (although Kelsey is trying to call her Grandma as she wants to be my mom and not my sister) at night when we settle down to watch TV--I just plop right down as you can also tell from one of my pictures. At night, I also sleep with Mom although under the covers. The first night I did this, my mom stayed up into the night as she was worried that I would suffocate, but I didn't, I just like to be wrapped tight when I sleep. I pounce on my Mum when I am ready to get up in the morning and love our little play time before we have to get up and start the day.

Oh yes, please tell volunteer Elyse that we still have her very comfy funnel collar that we will return as soon as we can. Thank her for letting me use that at the beginning as that plastic one--well, really didn't work well with me. Would love to come and visit my human friends at Heartland one of these days soon.

Love to all


Hi Jenny,
Benny, formerly Gabbe is doing well! He's recovering from hookworm, but now that he's on the meds he's doing so much better!
Benny is such a sweetheart, we love him so much. I have been training him and he already knows sit, stay, lay down, shake, fetch and is working on drop. So far, his favorite toys are rope toys! He loves to play tug-of-war with my boyfriend. He enjoys running with me in the afternoons and playing in the dog park nearby. 
We feed him blue Buffalo food and have taken him to the vet that is right next to Heartland. 
I am so glad to have walked into Heartland Animal Shelter. When we met Benny, we knew we wanted to help him and adopt him. Heartland helped me and my boyfriend adopt our first dog and has continued to help us. I have been so impressed with all of the follow up calls and and the help we received when we found out Benny had hookworm. Thank you Heartland Animal Shelter for introducing us to our new best friend! 
Lauren Palmer 
(and Benny too!) 

                                             Here are a couple of pics of Marie Claire in her 
                                             new place. I can send some more "action shots" 
                                             if you want. 

                                            Have a great weekend!
                                           Justin Cooper

Wanted to let you know that Roxy (Carol while at Heartland) is doing very well. She is so smart and sweet and loving to us and her older brother Jasper. She is about 45 lbs now, loves going in and out of the doggy door, playing tug and wrestling with her brother Jasper and 110 lb goldendoodle cousin Marvin down the block. Thank you Heartland for bringing her into our life.

                                                     Hello Heartland. I wanted to share my happy tail and thank you again for 
                                                     two great kitties. I adopted Maisie (Latte at Heartland) in October 2015 
                                                     and Atticus (Muppet at Heartland) about a month ago and we couldn't be 
                                                     happier. They are getting to be good friends. It is so nice to have such 
                                                     great personalities around and we have a lot of fun playing. At night they 
                                                     try and hog the bed, but we make it work. Thank you again for your 
                                                     support- Lauren 

We love our Daisy! I couldn't imagine our life without her! 

                                           P.S. Her Goldens name is Liam and her kitty's 
                                           name is Declan. She truly is our big 
                                           sweetheart! Thank you for giving us the 
                                           opportunity to love our sweet girl Daisy

                                                 I thought I'd send over a few more pictures of Cinnabon (the artist formerly 
                                                 known as Kitty) settling into her new home! As you can see, she much 
                                                 prefers windowsills, the couch, or her tower to the cozy cat bed! We 
                                                 made progress the other night when she plopped down right by the bed-- 
                                                 getting closer. Haha!

                                                She's been such a sweet little companion. She loves being brushed every 
                                                night after dinner. What a perfect little cutie. Thank you so much!


We adopted Joey (Stewie at Heartland) in February 2016. Being a bigger 
dog who likely never lived in a house before (he was found in rural 
Illinois) we had our challenge cut out for us but were eager to save a dog 
that given size and breed (high energy catahoula mix) might have had a 
lower chance of adoption. He is the most loving, playful, and happy guy 
we could have wished for! He is amazing with our 5 year old daughter 
and they have become quick best friends. He is s learning so quickly - he 
was terrified of the stairs but mastered them within a few days of being 
in our house. He is also getting along better and better with our cat - he 
is just very curious about him and wanting to play but our 10 year old senior 
wants nothing to do with it! His energy has created a better lifestyle for us 
as we now spend lots of time outdoors playing with him and during the 
week when we work he gets to hang out with his new friends at doggie 
daycare. As our friends say, he is one spoiled dog :)

We love our Joey and we hope more people 
will consider bigger dogs from 
your shelter!  

                                         Dear Heartland,

                                         Last week marks one year since Smudge (formerly known as Bonnee) made 
                                         herself at home with us. She took awhile to come out of her shell, but now she is 
                                         an energetic, social cat who loves chattering at squirrels through the window and 
                                         leaping high into the air to catch her toys. She's also a great study buddy and likes 
                                         to nap on whoever has an available chest/lap. Our lives are certainly livelier and 
                                         cuddlier with her around, and we are so glad she feels at home with us now. 

                                         Thank you for Smudge!

                                         Smudge's family 
                                         (Bonnie and Josh)

Hello Heartland!

Just wanted to give you an update on how Silaz is 
doing. We adopted him last January and he has been a 
great addition to our family. Silaz is a very sweet and 
very smart dog. He loves cuddling and sleeping in our 
lap. Everytime his dad comes home he gets really 
excited and doesn't want to leave his side. He also 
likes tummy scratches and cries if you don't give him 
attention which we find really cute and adorable. 
Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him!

Happy adoptivarsary Fritz! (Previously Trevor.)  A weekend of a spa day with blueberry facial, dog park and special dog cake!

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                                    Hey there, just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Zeus getting comfortable in 
                                    his new home!  (I think he's enjoying himself).


                                    Matt Scott

My dog Spider is doing great. He is a therapy dog for my dad who has 
dementia.  Pet therapy has proved to work for many patients.  
He is a life saver.


Paxton (adopted in March) and Toffee (formerly Tomas; adopted in early April) are doing great! Both are super sweet and affectionate with me. And they are really enjoying each other's company as well - playing, snuggling, and watching the squirrels and birds through the windows together. I couldn't have dreamed of two better kitties. Thank you so much Heartland for matching the three of us up with each other and for all the wonderful work you do!


                                                                                    Thank you for giving me a second chance to find my 
                                                                                    forever home.  It's filled with toys, good food, and 
                                                                                    most of all, love.  

                                                                                    Chica (formerly known as Angelina)
                                                                                    Kathleen Kilkenny

We adopted McKenna last month and she is the perfect addition to our family!  She's up to 34 pounds already!  Thank you for everything!


Dear Heartland Animal Shelter,

We are writing to say a huge THANK YOU for our newest family member, 
Shorty. When we first saw him, we fell in love with his laid back attitude, 
sweet demeanor, and of course, good looks. With the assistance of the 
very helpful and knowledgeable staff- shout out to Elisa, Angelique, and 
Tom- they made his adoption process very smooth. It has been 12 days 
since we brought him home and he is the best dog in the world. He is still 
getting comfortable in his forever home and we love him more each day. 
He has also gotten a 100% clean bill of health from our vet so we thank you 
for that. Attached you will find some recent pictures of our sweet boy. 
With gratitude, 
The Niemi family

                                                       We found Bo Bo in his cage at Heartland curled up in a ball sleeping 
                                                       while all the other dogs around him were barking and jumping at their 
                                                       cages. We thought, "Well he seems like a nice, laid back dog!" Little did 
                                                       we know he'd flip the switch on us about a week after we got him home.

                                                       Bo Bo is an extremely active dog who always keeps us on our toes. He 
                                                       loves to be outside, and he loves to run... FAST! His favorite days  
                                                       involve going to his Grandpa's farm to chase barn swallows and 
                                                       chipmunks, and bring them to us proudly when he catches one...or four! 
                                                       He loves plushy toys (even though he immediately rips the stuffing out) 
                                                       and chewing on bones. He's also incredibly stubborn, but will do 
                                                       anything for a treat!

                                                      At the end of the day, Bo Bo is our snuggly boy. He loves to fall asleep  
                                                      cuddled up against his Mom or Dad, sometimes wedging himself in 
                                                      between us! Even more than all that, Bo Bo has brought something so 
                                                      special to our home, and we don't even remember what life was like 
                                                      before he came to us. We are so thankful every day that Heartland gave  
                                                      us such a loving, playful pup!
                                                       --Becky & Casey

Hey Heartland! First off I would love to thank you for allowing us to adopt 
our goofball, Reese! We adopted her in November and love her more each 
day. She loves the dog park, going on walks, and definitely loves having 
company over. She's so playful, but gives the best cuddles when she's ready 
to lay down. She has to be next to me or my husband at all times and she 
loves to give us kisses! We recently moved to Virginia (military family) so 
it has definitely been an adventure! She had her first trip to the beach and 
loved it! She's adjusted well here and is just the best dog. We love her so 
much and are so happy with our decision to adopt! Thank you so much! 

                                           Lilly (formerly Purl) is doing great. She has settled in nicely and really enjoys 
                                           playing fetch with my boys.  We are really enjoying having her as part of our 

                                                It's been one year since we brought Socks home from Heartland. She is such a 
                                                happy dog--her tail is always wagging! She still loves pulling on the rope, but 
                                                her favorite thing is being outside. She can walk forever!

                                                The Zuiker Family

What can I say about Homer...aka "The Homester", "Homey", and "Home Man". When he came to Heartland, I said, "ok....he's going home with me." Love this guy with all my heart. And not to brag, but he's in desperate need of an agent. That's how awesome he is 😊

Hi guys! Happy Mother's Day. Today Felixx and I made the drive to Chicago to 
our new apartment. Huge upgrade from a studio to a three bedroom. He is as 
chill as ever, did a great job and is loving the windows in the place and 
watching people walk outside. Extra thank you to Jenny for the advice on the 
move and making me less anxious about the process. 

                                                              Izzy (formerly Ali) has been living with us since July. She has found 
                                                              her forever home! She was a bit timid when we first got her, but 
                                                              quickly came out of her shell. Learning how to go up and down the 
                                                              stairs took a lot of effort and training, but she has overcome that 
                                                              fear. Izzy adores visits with her cousins. She loves her long morning 
                                                              walks (rain or shine), playing with her toys, tug, and running circles 
                                                              in the backyard. Izzy is incredibly sweet and is the true definition 
                                                              of unconditional love. We can't imagine life without her. 
                                                                                  Carly & Stephen 

Sugar is doing fine in her new home.  I have changed her name to Gracie.  She is relaxing on her favorite chair.

Moonshine, formerly known as Sassie, is doing great! It took only moments 
for her to find a comfortable spot to curl up. I think she purred without 
pause for the first 24 hours! 

Here are a few pics of Moonshine at her new home.

                                                  We adopted our dog in September 2013. Her name back then was Marge but 
                                                  we gave her the name Rory. She is a wonderful dog who trained so easily 
                                                  and loves cats and dogs. Thank you Heartland 

Ginger is doing great in her new home! She is a very energetic and smart girl, already learned sit and paw! Thank you to everybody there!

                                           Hello, just wanted to give you an update on how 
                                           Rocky is doing. When we first adopted him, he was 
                                           terrified of everything, including us. His prior time 
                                           spent in the hoarding situation really affected his 
                                           confidence and anxiety. Since adopting him in 
                                           August 2016, however, he has really come out of his 
                                           shell. He loves to play, run around the yard, go for 
                                           walks, and really likes his belly rubs. He will even 
                                           eat with us present in the room now! He still has 
                                           some confidence building to go, but he has made 
                                           huge strides in becoming the happy, healthy 
                                           gentle giant we knew he could be. Thanks for 
                                           giving him the chance at finding his furever home, 
                                           we love him to bits!

Hossa, formerly known as Jobie, is doing so well in his new home! He's really 
blossomed into quite the character now that's he's out of the shelter and into a 
home of his own. He's such a good dog, always happy to go on a walk or to curl 
up on the couch. He's made so many friends in the neighborhood because 
everyone loves him. He's not met a person yet that doesn't instantly fall for him. 
I'm so lucky to have him, thank you so much! 


A quick update from Kodi (formerly Sailor):

Oh, I like this! I am a happy guy by nature, but I think this family thing is working out for me. My new sister, Mocha, is so much fun and ohhhh so patient, which is good because I can be a little annoying with her. I also love my new yard! I love to explore it and I think I am pretty close to catching something good that might be living under the deck. But even if I don't catch it, I love to dig. My mom doesn't like it, but I just can't help myself. The best part about being in a family? So many to love: my two new furless brothers and mom and dad. In fact, my snuggle-brother keeps telling me I am his, but I think he is actually mine. Thanks for giving me a new home Heartland!

                         Mocha (left)                                  Kodi (right)
                                            I adopted this little guy just about 2 years 
                                            ago. His name was Rocky Bear. I renamed 
                                            him Slurpee. Lol I love how he holds his toys 
                                            when he sleeps! He's the sweetest! We 
                                            finally found a shirt with his name on it! 
                                            Thanks for giving me my FURever Friend!