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Hi there! 
My name is Ashley Linehan, I am 16 years old. 3 and a half years ago my family adopted Emma. I am so grateful that we went in the day we did and ended up adopting her. That year when we adopted her I asked for all donations for your shelter for my birthday and brought them over there. it was one of the most rewarding things i have ever done. 

My whole family loves emma. She is a blessing in our life and i know for me personally, without her i honestly don’t know what i would do. She is one of the sweetest most down to earth dogs i have ever met. she loves to cuddle and play. My family loves buying her new toys and playing with her as well as include her in our physical activity. During the winter she and i don’t really have the opportunity to go running outside, but we do go on multiple walks. she loves being outside. Over the summer we take her with us up to our cabin in Minnesota and she loves laying out in the sun as well as jumping in the lake so cool down. Emma is very shy around new people and often skiddish but once a little time passes she warms up to the person and gets very attached. I make it a huge goal of mine to spend as much time with my little girl as i can. I can always count on her waiting for me by the front door after i get home from school waiting to  give me a hug. I am so thankful that heartland rescued her, and we were blessed enough to give her a loving home.

Thank you so much, 
Ashley Linehan & the Linehan Family (Heidi, Jim, and Sean)

Hello Heartland,
This is an update about Maxwell (formerly known as Jax), who was adopted in May of 2012. He’s been an excellent addition to our family and is an extremely affectionate and fun-loving cat.  From the moment Maxwell greets family and friends at the door, he’s ready to play and wants to be part of whatever is happening.

Thank you to the volunteers for helping us to find our perfect cat.

I am writing to let you know that my dog Beary (his Heartland name), who I 
adopted in 2003, died at home on December 21st.  For me he was the perfect 
dog, the best dog in the world, the joy of my life.  He had a great life 
traveling with me all over the country:  we drove from Maine to Berkeley, CA 
and back twice and worked together as well in Washington, DC, New York 
City, Boston and Princeton NJ.   He spent his summers with me on a Maine 
island on 12 acres by the ocean.  He was a bit of a wreck when I got him -- 
one vet said he was 2, one said he was 6.  He was found in a cemetery with 
his brother Teddy.  Over the years he continued to blossom more and more 
and became increasingly social until he was only a little bit shyer than a 
non-shy dog. Yet he was always quiet, and occupied rehearsal rooms and 
faculty meetings making no disturbance at all.  He was beloved all over the 
country in the theaters and opera houses where I work.

In the last two years he was plagued by very bad arthritis and his mobility was 
more and more compromised.  In late December he had a health crisis and we 
discovered his lungs were filled with fluid, and the diagnostics seemed to 
indicate his lungs were full of cancer.  His chest was drained once, but I then 
brought him home as there was no further treatment possible.  On the 21st, as 
he began to have difficulty breathing and I called an in-home vet. However he 
died in my arms before he was euthanized -- the little sedative the doctor 
give was enough to take him over.

You can read visit his memorial page and see pictures and read his obituary 
(click "about Beary") at:  www.lapoflove.com/memorial-Beary-Evanston-Mary-Zimmerman?back-url=Pet-Memorials-Tributes
You'll see he has over 50 messages from actors, writers and theatre people all over the country, including Peter Gelb, the head of the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Thank you for helping to bring Beary into my life.  I also adopted a cat, Shelby, from you a few months later (she was the "test cat" at the shelter for Beary).  Shelby is still with me, but quite sadly, went into renal failure a few days after Beary died.  I don't think she'll be with me much longer.



We adopted Fuzzy from your shelter in December 2012. He was tiny and very 
skittish. He hid from us for 4-5 months, but since then has become very 
trusting and even lets us rub his belly and pick him up. 

We fell in love with him when we saw his picture on your web site. He's grown
 into an absolutely gorgeous cat with the sweetest temperament. He gets 
along really well with our 17 year old cat and our 2.5 year old cat. He's the 
nicest cat we've ever adopted!

I've attached a recent picture. Thank you so much!


I wanted to give you guys an update on a little kitten I happened upon in your shelter one day. I adopted Alice (formerly Boxie, due to you guys finding her in a box on the side of the road.) May 26th. I came in looking at a different cat, but happily she had been adopted. I asked to see another cat before I saw Alice and right when I saw her, I fell in love. After we went through the adoption process, you guys let me take her home. The first night she was home, I let her sleep outside of her little cage. Bad idea, she pooped right on my bed. I figured it was just a one time thing, the next night, she used her little box and walked in her poop and on my bed.

Through out the years, she's been a fun cat. Growing from my little baby, into a big girl. We use to have two other dogs living in our house and she loved to play with the fluffy one's tail even at three. She now has a little sister, who is bigger then her, but they still play. Alice thinks she's bigger then life. She has also taken a huge liking to my mother. She likes to wake my mom up in the middle of the night to have her come with her when she goes to the bathroom or eat. It's kind of cute in a way. If she's not cuddled on my father's clothes, she's on his side of the closet, or in the ice cube tray she has sitting in the sun.  She gets pets when she wants them and loves her ears rubbed, her cheeks rubbed, or her chin. She likes to try to sneak outside when her dog sister goes out and sometimes we'll put her on a leash, during summer and let her. She's kind of a fan of snow though, if you let her go outside. If you put some on her, she's not a fan. She's an amazing cat and I thank you guys for saving her and allowing her to be apart of our family. Hopefully we'll become city girls and she might be getting a cat sister soon.

Also note, the picture of her on the dishwasher, she's not suppose to be there, but she thinks she can go anywhere she wants.

Again, thank you for giving us her and allowing us to give her the forever home she deserved.

Back in 2007 my husband and I adopted Roseanne, a rather robust kitten that use to hang out in the front entrance with the rabbits.  I was looking at your website and saw that another animal parent had mentioned Rosie and asked about her back in 2007, so thought an update was long overdue.

Rosie has been such a blessing for us.  She still LOVES boxes of any size, and we have managed to get her down to a svelte 20 pounds.  = )

When we adopted her we were warned that she was not a lap cat.  However, I am pretty sure she was just putting on a show.  Every night without fail she now cries to be put up on my husband's lap... where she would stay all night if my husband's lap could support it.

Thank you for all that you guys continue to do, and thank you for helping to bring Rosie into our lives!


Hey Heartland!
Just wanted to let you know Gilbert is doing great here! He has a little upper 
respiratory infection but nothing serious. He has such a personality... He loves 
the laser (the picture of him on the couch with his eyeballs about to pop out of 
his head, the laser was on the ceiling) and he sleeps with us... He will not sleep 
on the bed, but on one of us which is hysterical. He is definitely sassy... and a 
lap cat (oh my goodness does he love laps). He snores like no one's business. We 
also have a blanket on the couch which he will not allow us to use anymore. It's 
his blanket. Haha. Hope you enjoy the pictures! 

Hope all is well! Thank you so much for our furry friend. He's truly perfect for us. 
Cristi and Alex

Daisy (formerly known as Stacy) is doing great, and she loves 
the snow...

Thanks to everyone who helped us have this wonderful, 
lovable pup!
Ted and Mary Kay 

On the right is Simon (formerly Marvin) and his sister Bella! Simon was adopted in April 2013 to a loving home. We are so lucky to have him!!

the Hartlers

Jerry was adopted in January.  He loves his new home and his human brother and sister are totally in love with him!:)  Thanks!

Dear Heartland Staff,

We want to let you know we're so happy with our Sarena cat.  She is so good 
and well behaved, we can hardly believe it.

Also, we want you to know we took her to see a veterinarian last Saturday for 
a checkup and to have her nails trimmed.  They found her to be in good health, 
all the way around, for which we were pleased and proud to tell them of the 
care you had been giving her before we adopted her.

Many thanks again for the pleasure you bring to our animals and the people 
who adopt them.

Ray and Shirley Horton